Canadian league games reviewed online

As the league games are serious, various participants take the chance to study their own games in detail, and post online about their games.

Here are two that have come to my attention, and would be worth a look for any go player from double digit kyu to high dan level.

AGA 5D teenager Xiaocheng (Stephen) Hu has been a new regular in league play this year, adding to the league’s strong contingent of youth players (Aaron Ye, David Zhang, etc). He has a youtube channel xhu98 where he posts various game reviews, etc. One of his recent reviews was of his league game with Mike Chen in the 15-6 session.
Hanxi Zhang has been a league regular in the past. As he had been out for a while he was required to play in A-3 in the 15-6 session, but his 5-0 performance clearly indicated he will soon be back in A-1 where he has has traditionally belonged. He has a blog on go, and his last post reviews a game from 2014 league play. In it he looks at how playing more patiently can sometimes be key, instead of rushing to attack.