Canada to be well represented at the 2016 North American pro exams

Canada will be represented by Daniel Gourdeau, Manuel Velesco, and Jin(Sarah Yu), out of a total field of 8 players.  Regular USA participant in CGA league play Aaron Ye will also be competing.  Daniel will be a returning contender, but for Sarah and  Manuel it will be their first attempt.  Ryan Li has been playing 5 game matches with Daniel, Sarah and Aaron through the year in CGA league play; hopefully they have benefited from this chance to compete with the winner of the 2015 professional selection tournament.  Manuel has been training in Korea for the past 6 months, I’m very curious to see how much he has gained from the experience.

Also worth noting is Sarah will be the first female participant in the North American professional selection tournament finals.

The event will run January 3rd-9th in Los Angeles.  The initial AGA article on the event is here, expect them to post more on the tournament as it gets underway.