Chance for promising youth player(s) to study in Korea summer 2016

The Korean amateur baduk association(KABA) will take applicants for youth players ages 8 – 19 to study in Korea June 27th – August 25th 2016(applicants must be born in 1997 or later). Those 16-19 years old would need to be 3 dan or stronger; for younger players the standard get progressively looser, down to 6K as the threshold for application for an 8-11 year old.

If accepted, all costs will be paid (air fare, food, accommodation, and education fees) by KABA. The Canadian Go Association will need to submit any applicants info to Korea by March 11, 2016, so your information should be submitted to the CGA by end February so we can see what applicant pool we have. Initially just send an email to [email protected] with a rough overview of the applicant, and we will send forms to you if the CGA thinks it makes sense to submit this youth’s information to Korea.