Go Study

This page contains content related to the study of Go produced in Canada, or being made available to the CGA. Go study materials not produced in Canada or available elsewhere on the web will be linked to in the resources section.

From the 2009 US Go congress (courtesy the AGA E-Journal)

In round 1 of the US Open, Jianing Gan a recent arrival in Canada and only 11 years old faced off against the 2008 & 2009 US Open Champion Myungwan Kim 8P. The game was commented by Japanese Pro Maeda Ryo 6P. In his first year in Canada Jianing has already made a mark on North American tournaments with his 2nd place finish in the Canadian Winter Cup and his 14th place in the ING/Masters; it will be exciting to see what he can accomplish in the future(Editors note: In 2012 Jianing placed one spot out of qualifying for professional, and he will compete again in 2013).

In round 3 of the US Open Juyong Koh and Yongfei Ge, both top Canadian players met in a key US Open match. The game was commented by James Kerwin 1P. Yongfei came away with the victory.

In Round 6 of the US Open Yongfei Ge challenged Myungwan Kim 8P. Feng Yun 9P commented on the game. Yongfei was defeated as Mr. Kim repeated as US Open champion.

From the 2008 Canadian Open

Also the first three rounds board 1 games, without comments.

A translation of the Guanzi Pi

set set of 1107 Classical Chinese Go Problems prepared by Philip Waldron.

2008 World Mind Sports Games – Canadian game records

Currently only Pierre’s game has any comments.

2008 Canadian World Mind Sports Games Qualifying

Chen Shuo(Cathy) Li 1P served as our coach preparing for the WMSG. She commented these games during the qualifying tournament.

Commented games contributed by Alexandre Dinerstein

Alexandre Dinerstein is a Russian Professional. You can find information about him and much more Go content here. He has provided the CGA with 10 games he has commented by Canadian Go players Ge Yongfei and Dino Mario Cremonese(TheCaptain on KGS).