How The League Works

How many games do you play?

Players are grouped into leagues, A, A-1, A-2, … B-1, B-2, … C-1. C-2, etc. There are 5 players in most leagues but some will have six. There are 6 rounds/year, each round is about 5 or 6 weeks in length. So if you are in a 5 team league you will have 4 games to play and 5 games in a 5 team league. Each player is responsible for arranging his own game schedules. Players start in leagues with players of their own strength.

How do players advance?

Each player receives 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. At the end of a round the players are sorted from the top league down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, …. etc. according to the highest points. If there is a tie the player who is highest in the league comes before the next. There is no need for a tie breaker.

Advancing – if say a player is number 56 and he was at the top of his league then player 55 was at the bottom of the previous league. In this case player 56 is reassigned an order number 54.5 so he advances ahead of player 55.
Following this process new players coming into the league are inserted such that if a 2 dan came in he would start below the existing 2 dans.

Players contact others in their league and arrange dates and times to play. Email address available on Contact Information report. Players are expected to make sufficient effort to schedule and play all their games. Players not responding to emails or lacking in effort to complete games may face eviction. If you have no time to play then say so. If you have a special problem then you must tell the league manager.

Time Zones
All players in your league have their time zone difference in hours posted on the schedule. Most time zone differences are within 3 hours. Watch out for one player in St. John’s Newfoundland which is 1.5 hours ahead of Ontario (ET). Also watch out for Chris Day in Beijing. He can play in mornings (evening in NA). It will the same day but not if he plays in the evening Player doesn’t answer your email If you cannot schedule a game because your
opponent does not answer your email in a reasonable time then report this immediately to the league manager. (forward your email that wasn’t answered.

Reporting the Schedule
Once a game is scheduled the date and time (ET, Ontario/Quebec time) must be emailed immediately to the league manager for posting. Others are interested to watch. Helps players remember their own game schedules. Put the schedule in the subject line as follows: C-1, Smith vs. Jones, Sat., June 15, 9:00 am ET Do not even mention times other that ET. It will only confuse the league manager.

Meet in Canadian Room
The players meet in the Canadian room on KGS at the specified time.

No Shows
Wait about 30 minutes. Send an email to your opponent after 15 minutes. Maybe he forgot. You have a choice to reschedule the game or claim a default win (2 points). A default game will not count in the ratings. Every round games are missed for various reasons. We simply accept this. The person who defaults gets no points for the game missed instead of 1 or 2 if it had been played. A default win must be requested with an email and CC to the player who defaulted.Defaults will only be awarded to games that were scheduled. This alone is a good reason for reporting the game schedule.

Warning: Under no circumstances should a player criticize the other player’s behaviour. Your job is to report the offense, not be judge, jury or executioner. Be respectful in all cases. Any offense will result in the offending player sitting out the next round.

Handicap Leagues
No handicap in regular leagues. Handicaps are only allowed in the H-1, H-2, etc. leagues. Report handicaps. The recommended is 1 stone less than the rank difference. The lower ranked player should choose the smallest handicap that gives him a chance to win. That way his rating will advance much faster. You do not advance from the handicap leagues by winning your league. You advance by improving your rating to a 9 kyu level any way possible. If there is a strong player in your league (stronger than 9 kyu then he is there to offer a handicap teaching game and advice. Ask him for a game. Chuck likes to teach using SKYPE for voice communication and play on a 9×9. If you win with 4 stones you are about 16 kyu or higher. If you win with 3 stones you are about 12 kyu. If you win with 2 stones and give 3.5 points you are about 9 kyu. This is a fast way to advance to the C division.

Submitting Games for review
See the list of volunteer players who will review your game on request if you submit it for review. If there are many requests you might have to wait. Reviews should include both players.

Playing the Game
Higher positioned player in the ladder plays white with 6.5 komi always. Who plays white can be changed by agreement but not the komi or the playing time or the byo-yomi time.
Points Awarded
Winner gets 2 points. Loser 1 point and 0 points if game not played at all. At the end of the round the players are sorted by their score. Winner advances above player in next higher league. If tie then the winner is the one highest on the ladder. New players joining in will of course disturb the pattern somewhat. All results contribute to ratings. To speed the advancing rate and increase the opportunity to play different players the league manager may advance 2 players instead of 1.
Submitting Game Result by email
Winner emails result to league manager right after the game (NOT A WEEK LATER, please). Put result in subject line. eg. C-1, 2 Smith def. 4 Jones (use last name, not KGS ID) There is no use to provide date, time, resignation or point difference. If the result is not emailed then the “Current Round” report will show a ? where the result should be.

Dropping Out
If you must drop out try to do so at the end of the round. The worst time to drop out is in the middle of a round when games have been played. Think out your schedule at the beginning. However, if you must drop out let the league manager know immediately. Do not react by ignoring pleas from players to play a game. You will be removed. You can get back in later, perhaps even, on the next round.

The Most Important Rules
You are expected to schedule and play your own games. You schedule by emailing and agreeing on a time and date.. Do not just go to the Canadian Room on KGS and expect to find your opponents waiting for you.Be aware of time zone differences. They are all posted in your league “Current Round” report.

You are expected to play all your games.
Example: If a one dan is in a league with several 1 kyu players. He knows he can defeat them and so he is not motivated to play those games. They clain default wins as allaowed and in the next round he drops further behind and may find himself plaining with 2 or even 3 kyu players. The situation gets worse. The only way the league can work well is if everyone tries to play all of their games starting on week one. Do not be selfish. Make it work for everyone. I do not want to evict you.

Young Players
If you are young, say 9, 10 or 11 years old it is advisable that a parent be responsible for scheduling your games and reminding you to play them.