The Canadian Go Association does not charge a membership fee, but we need our members to donate to support us.  Previously we did charge a fee; from the late 80’s until 2002 the fee was 20, from 2002-20011 you might pay from 10-15 dollars (there were multi-year & club discounts), and since early 2012 we have been fee free.

How to donate:

With PAYPAL you can directly send a payment to [email protected].  Otherwise you can email [email protected] (this will go to Brenda also) to get a link.  Or if you want to send a cheque you can mail it to Brenda Hawkins, 10828 – 122 St. Edmonton , AB T5M 0A6.

Recommended donations:

  1. New to the CGA and/or a beginner.  Donate nothing, you should see what we have to offer.  But of course if you find what the CGA does worth while it would be appropriate to make a donation at that time to support us
  2. Student/out of work.  No donation may make sense, but keep in mind you might want to make up for the years you don’t donate to the CGA when your circumstances improve.  And of course many students can afford to make a small donation.
  3. Novice players.  5-10 dollars is perfectly reasonable.
  4. Lower level Dan players.  Perhaps 10 is a good target.  You can expect to benefit regularly from what the CGA offers in the news letters, ratings and tournaments.
  5. High level Dan players.  You might want to do more, perhaps 20$.  This is the level where you may try to represent Canada internationally, and for you what the CGA offers is critical.  And of course to reach this level you must feel passionate about the game.
  6. Lottery winner.  Congratulations!  This is your chance to wow us all with a four figure donation!