June 28th to July 1st


8853 Selkirk street Vancouver BC ( Taiwanese Culture Center)


Cathy Li and the Taiwanese Canadian Culture Society are co-organizing.

How to register:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “league” or “members” to go to the part of the CGA site that requires login. If they are not already CGA members they will need to go through the registration step first.  At that point they will be prompted for their log in information.
  3. Click on the “tournaments” section.
  4. Select the Canadian open 2014
  5. Click “register”.

The actual fees will be collected on site the first morning, but it is important players pre-register so we can plan properly for who will be attending.  Also the player list from this registration loads directly in the pairing program (and the results feed back in to the CGA ratings), so all players will need to register here to participate.


Participate main tournament and Pair Go  Adult :$110 (include 4 days lunch), Youth $95(include 4 days lunch),
Participate main tournament  Adult :$90 (include 3 days lunch),Youth $75  (include 3 days lunch).


Champion $1000, Second place $500, Third Place $200,
Every group have different prize.


June 28th:

9:00 Register and Round 1; 2:00pm Round 2

June 29th:

9:30 Round 3; 1:30pm Round 4

June 30th:

9:30 Round 5; 1:30pm Round 6.   Banquet 7:00pm

July 1st:

9:30 Pair Go, Top division tie breaks:

Stay tuned for more details in the next couple months.