Canadian Go Association Annual General Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2004

1) Overview of past year activities
- Xian-Yu Lee attended 2003 WAGC and came 6th
- James Sedgewick and wife Meng went for Pairs Go.
- Vice-president Mr. Wei-Liang You passed away last May.
- Mr. Cov Yun joined the executives as vice-president for external relations.
- Report from Treasurer : Balance of $6,000+ from previous year, maonly from donation. Gazette publishing is about $500, 1/3 is for mailing.
- Report from Youth Coordinator : 21st WYGC was held in Vancouver organized by vice-president, Mr Ken Chou. Richard Liang represented Canada and came 7th. Next year, the event will be in Spain.
- Report from Gazette Editor : Call for article contribution from members. Gazette is published once a year and the deadline is late spring.
- Rating Officer requested clubs to submit tournament results for the establishment of a more reliable rating for Canadian Go Association.
- Membership Secretary requested members to bring in more members and inform her when there is changes to personal info. by e-mail.
- WebMaster reported on the plan of the addition of Forum and possible photo gallery.

2) Next year's tournament site
Toronto Chinese Go Club volunteered to be the organizer of 2005 Canadian Open.

3) Candidate for president
No candidate for the president who is the main contact and head of the organization. Jonathan Buss agreed to replace Frank Monks as the contact for Canadian Go Association will the presidency is vacant.

4) Use of the Pledge Fund was explained to help the promotion of Go in Canada. Examples of use are assisting the set-up of new Go club, organizing of first tournament of new clubs. The requirement is becoming Canadian Go Association members.