League Round 21-2

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31 Registered Players

Mani Sanford 4d United States
YU-wei Chen 4d Canada British Columbia
Katherine Xie 3d United States New Jersey
Ben Gong 3d Canada British Columbia
Marc Stoehr 2d Sweden Quebec
Ron Mackenzie 2d Canada Ontario
Grace Chen 2d Canada Ontario
Stephanie Tan 2k United States Indiana
Mathieu Lalonde 2k Canada Ontario
Victoria Xie 2k United States New Jersey
Reade Johnson 2k Canada British Columbia
Andy Zhou 3k United States California
Jason Liu 3k Canada British Columbia
Germán Poo-Caamaño 5k Canada Ontario
Steven Bertrand 6k Germany Ontario
Jiayin Huang 6k Canada Ontario
Dominik Chłobowski 6k Canada Ontario
Rolf Meindl 7k Canada Ontario
Wayne Chapeskie 7k Canada British Columbia
Benoit Potvin 7k Canada Quebec
Ken Deugau 7k Canada Ontario
Hans Otto 7k Germany Ontario
Anna Zhou 7k United States California
Al Robinson 7k Canada Ontario
Gabriel Barbeau Hénault 8k Canada Quebec
Dominic Audette 8k Canada Quebec
Leon Leyuan Xu 8k Canada British Columbia
Angel Zhou 10k United States California
Meng Sun 10k Canada Ontario
Cody Weeks 11k Canada British Columbia
Evan Lalonde 18k Canada Ontario