League Round 20-4

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44 Registered Players

Clay Skibinsky 6d Canada Alberta
Toranosuke Ozawa 5d United States New York
James Sedgwick 5d Canada Ontario
Pascal Tremblay 4d Canada Quebec
YU-wei Chen 3d Canada British Columbia
Ben Gong 3d Canada British Columbia
Vincent Bilodeau 3d Canada Quebec
Scott JIN 3d Canada Ontario
Marc Stoehr 2d Sweden Quebec
Katherine Xie 2d United States New Jersey
Rob Campbell 2d Canada Ontario
Yingzhi Hou 1d Canada Ontario
Yuqing Zhang 1d Canada British Columbia
Yu Liu 1k Canada Ontario
Kevin Li 2k Canada Ontario
William Dixon 2k Canada Ontario
Alice Sedgwick 3k Canada Ontario
Dave Howden 4k Canada Quebec
Jason Liu 4k Canada British Columbia
Grant Kerr 4k Canada Saskatchewan
Joseph Ma 5k Canada Ontario
Victoria Xie 5k United States New Jersey
Arunas Rudvalis 5k United States California
Germán Poo-Caamaño 6k Canada British Columbia
Eason Tang 6k Canada British Columbia
Jonathan Kay 6k United States California
Tung Siu 6k Canada Ontario
Andrew Landry 6k Canada Alberta
Rolf Meindl 6k Canada Ontario
Dominik Chłobowski 6k Canada Ontario
Wayne Chapeskie 6k Canada British Columbia
Owen Sedgwick 7k Canada Ontario
Ken Deugau 7k Canada Ontario
Thomas Hackney 7k Canada British Columbia
Tyler Zhang 7k Canada Ontario
Hans Otto 7k Germany Ontario
Al Robinson 8k Canada Ontario
Benjamin Huang 8k Canada British Columbia
Jiayin Huang 8k Canada Ontario
Leon Leyuan Xu 8k Canada British Columbia
Sun Woo 10k Canada Ontario
Daniel Motyka 10k Canada Alberta
Benoit Potvin 11k Canada Quebec
Meng Sun 13k Canada Ontario