Canadian Open Online 2021

Saturday, October 23, 2021 - Sunday, October 31, 2021

Director: Ron Mackenzie
Location: Online
Registration Closes: Friday, October 22, 2021




Welcome to the Canadian Open 2021! We've decided that once again we will hold the tournament online this year, and I hope this means that many players from all over will be able to participate. The tournament will take place over two weekends; October 23-24 and 30-31st. We learned many lessons from the tournament last year and hope to assemble a smooth, competitive and fun experience for all our participants.



If you are unable to play in any of the rounds you will be able to request a bye. The deadline for requesting a bye will be communicated to players in advance. Byes may impact prize eligibility.





  1. Login to the CGA website (if you do not have an account, please create one by clicking Register at the top right of this page).
  2. Please complete the following form to submit some additional information:
  3. You can pay the registration fee any of the following ways -- please indicate in the comments for which players the entry fee is to cover:
    1. E-transfer: [email protected]
    2. Paypal: [email protected]
    3. WeChat: bradybei (exchange rate of 5.3 RMB to 1 CAD)



We are currently looking for professional players who would be interested in participating to provide game reviews and lectures. More to follow on this as we get closer to the tournament.



Games will be played on OGS. Please create an OGS account prior to registering for the tournament. Note that Pair Go will be played on KGS, more details to follow as we get closer to the tournament.



Prizes will be funded from tournament registration fees. Last year the open division awarded $500 for first place, $250 for second place and $150 for third, but please keep in mind that this will depend on how many players register for the event. Prizes for the other divisions will be determined as we get closer to the tournament.




Tournament Structure

The tournament will be divided into divisions, sorted by ranks and the number of players at each rank. The open division will be open to players who are 5D and above, and will compete for cash prizes. The other divisions will be announced closer to the event, as we know the ranks of the players who have registered.


Tournament Integrity

Players may not use any form of outside assistance in the tournament. This includes AI, books, joseki dictionaries, game databases, other players, etc.

In the open division, as players are competing for cash prizes, players are required to have a video stream of their playing environment. This video stream will need to be captured by another device and must include the player and the screen on which they are playing. We will provide more detailed instructions on how to set up and configure a video feed as we get closer to the tournament date. If you have any concerns about how to set this up, please reach out to the tournament organizers for details.

In the other division, video streams are not required, but players are still expected to respect the tournament and their opponents and may not use any outside assistance. Game records will be available on OGS for review in case of any suspicious games.



If there are any questions about any the above, please reach out to the tournament director via email at [email protected] I wish everyone the best of luck in the event!


24 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
Qiyou Wu 7d Toronto Sep 09, 2021
Guanyu Song 6d Toronto Sep 10, 2021
James Sun 6d Surrey Sep 12, 2021
Jianqiu Chen 5d Montreal Sep 09, 2021
Yuxin Fu 5d Toronto Sep 14, 2021
HJ (Hejun) Cai 5d Scarborough Sep 11, 2021
Minggao Liang 4d Niagara-on-the-lake Sep 10, 2021
Roy Tong 4d Surrey Sep 14, 2021
Yifei Sun 4d Toronto Sep 12, 2021
Bokang Cui 3d Waterloo Sep 12, 2021
Ziqi Lin 3d Toronto Sep 11, 2021
Jason Liu 1d 1k Vancouver Sep 09, 2021
Pei JIA 1k Surrey Sep 09, 2021
Renan Pablo Rodrigues da Cruz 2k São paulo Sep 12, 2021
Maxime Paiement 2k Cowansville Sep 11, 2021
Jiaqi Lin 3k Toronto Sep 13, 2021
Zacharie Dostaler 3k Montreal Sep 15, 2021
Jesse Bourret-Gheysen 4k London Sep 09, 2021
Leon Leyuan Xu 8k Surrey Sep 16, 2021
Jiankun (Jack) Huang 10k Edmonton Sep 09, 2021
Andy Boan Cui 10k Waterloo Sep 12, 2021
Lucas Xing 12k Richmond Sep 14, 2021
Ran Qi 15k Oakville Sep 10, 2021
Jinle Jiang 15k 8k Charlottetown Sep 09, 2021

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