10th Brock Go Tournament

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Director: Thomas Wolf
Location: Brock University, St Catharines, Plaza building, 4th floor, room 408

This is our 10th tournament.. We will follow previous years schedule and arrangements. For the main tournament and schedule please see below. We will have a free warm lunch and drinks and snacks all day. We intend to have a professional player attending as in the last two years. We are looking forward to hopefully a record participation.

Main tournament: 4 rounds,

25 minutes per player then 25 stones in 10 min., 35 stones in 10 min.,
45 stones in 10 min., etc. games should not last longer than 90 minutes.
If there is interest: self pairing 13x13 tournament.


Registration:      9:00

Start 1st round:  10:00

Start 2nd round:  11:30

Lunch time break

Start 3rd round:  13:30

Start 4rd round:  15:00

Prize giving:     16:30

Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Li, Kevin (2k)
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Chen, Hanyuan (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Chen, Tianyi (6d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Wolf, Oliver (4d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Wolf, Oliver (4d) Cai, HJ (Hejun) (4d)
Al-hassy, Musa (6k) Wolf, Thomas (5k)
Al-hassy, Musa (6k) Xu, Michael (13k)
Cai, HJ (Hejun) (4d) Chen, Hanyuan (5d)
Cai, HJ (Hejun) (4d) Zhou, Wensheng (4d)
Cai, HJ (Hejun) (4d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Chen, Mike (4d) Chen, Tianyi (6d)
Chen, Mike (4d) Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d)
Bertrand, Steven (6k) Xu, Xinyang (4k)
Bertrand, Steven (6k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Sedgwick, Alice (7k) Xu, Xinyang (4k)
Sedgwick, Alice (7k) Li, Kevin (2k)
Sedgwick, Alice (7k) Ma, Joseph (5k)
Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d) Chen, Hanyuan (5d)
Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d) Zhou, Wensheng (4d)
Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Wolf, Thomas (5k) Bertrand, Steven (6k)
Wolf, Thomas (5k) Keras, Veronika (10k)
Sim, Matt (1k) Sedgwick, Alice (7k)
Sim, Matt (1k) Zhou, George (3d)
Miceli, Marty (2k) Day, Jeremy (5k)
Miceli, Marty (2k) Sim, Matt (1k)
Keras, Veronika (10k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Keras, Veronika (10k) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Keras, Veronika (10k)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Day, Jeremy (5k)
Li, Kevin (2k) Zhou, George (3d)
Li, Kevin (2k) Miceli, Marty (2k)
Shen, Denis (18k) Stalker, Paul (17k)
Shen, Denis (18k) Gu, Na (12k)
Chen, Tianyi (6d) Wolf, Oliver (4d)
Stalker, Paul (17k) Gu, Na (12k)
Stalker, Paul (17k) Xu, Michael (13k)
Xu, Michael (13k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Ma, Dylan (5k) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Ma, Dylan (5k) Miceli, Marty (2k)
Xu, Timothy (15k) Stalker, Paul (17k)
Xu, Timothy (15k) Sun, Meng (13k)
Gu, Na (12k) Sun, Meng (13k)
Gu, Na (12k) Xu, Timothy (15k)
Chen, Hanyuan (5d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Ma, Joseph (5k) Bertrand, Steven (6k)
Ma, Joseph (5k) Ma, Dylan (5k)
Rushworth, Will (24k) Luo, Yifan (24k)
Rushworth, Will (24k) Shen, Denis (18k)
Xu, Christopher (25k) Shen, Denis (18k)
Xu, Christopher (25k) Luo, Yifan (24k)
Xu, Christopher (25k) Junhui, Feng (25k)
Xu, Christopher (25k) Rushworth, Will (24k)
Zhou, George (3d) Shen, Jason (2d)
Zhou, George (3d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Shen, Jason (2d) Wolf, Oliver (4d)
Shen, Jason (2d) Sim, Matt (1k)
Day, Jeremy (5k) Ma, Joseph (5k)
Day, Jeremy (5k) Ma, Dylan (5k)
Luo, Yifan (24k) Xu, Timothy (15k)
Zhou, Wensheng (4d) Shen, Jason (2d)
Zhou, Wensheng (4d) Chen, Tianyi (6d)
Junhui, Feng (25k) Rushworth, Will (24k)
Junhui, Feng (25k) Luo, Yifan (24k)
Sun, Meng (13k) Xu, Michael (13k)
Sun, Meng (13k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)