We Go and U of T Go Club Team tournament

Friday, September 27, 2019

Director: Wei Qiu and Bruno Pereira
Location: University of Toronto, Sidney Smith Room 581
Registration Closes: Friday, September 20, 2019

Welcome all the new and existing players  to the First We-Go and U of T Go club Team tournament. The purpose of this tournament is to form a connection between both clubs, and to popularize Go in the university area. We hope everyone can enjoy this tournament, and make memorable friendships with fellow players.

Time and Place:  Starting from the new semester, the league session will run on the last meeting of every month ( U of T Go club runs at 5:00 pm, but the tournament game will start at 6:15-9:00pm) for 2 or 3 months depending on number of teams.


Tournament Format:

1.    Team Tournament League, Two rounds per meeting. Minimum 5 teams (4 rounds), Maximum 10 teams (6 rounds) 5-7 teams will be 4 rounds. 8-10 teams will be 6 rounds.

2.      Each team will have 3 main members, assigned to board 1, 2 and 3. In a round, the team that wins 2 out of  3 boards win the round.

3.      Each team must have at least 3 players to register ,  each team can have up to 2 reserved players. If a team decides to play a reserved player they must report to the tournament organizers at least one day ahead.

4.    Each team can only have a sum of up to 10 dan in their top 2 boards

Ex.7d+3d / 5d+5d / 6d+4d/ 7d+2d / 5d+2d. The third board must be a kyu level player.

5.      Board 1 players will play an even game, Board 2 and 3 players will either play even or set handicap based on the Handicap rule.

Time Setting:  15min + 3*20s


Tournament Rule:

1. AGA rules will be applied, 7.5 points Komi

2. Handicap rule: No handicap games between dan players. If at least one player is kyu, and the rank difference is 3 or more, then the rank difference -1 is the handicap up to six stones. Komi is 0.5 for handicap games. For example, a 2D playing a 3K will give the 3K three stones.



1. Anyone can join the tournament. The registration will open starting from the first meeting of the semester on September 6 (which is also where you can find your team members), the registration will end in two weeks at the end of the meeting before the first tournament day on September 20.

2. Registration fee: $15 per team

3. All the players must register as a team with their team name, players name, rank and email address. Single player’s registration will not be accepted, if you can’t find a team, contact us through [email protected] or our facebook page, we will help you out.



1.  Prize:  If 7-10 teams, 1st: $200, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $50

If 5-6 teams, 1st: $100, 2nd: $60, 3rd: $40



For more information, you can find us at the Clubs Carnival on Sep 4 at 3pm-6pm. Also check our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uoftgoclub/

For more information in Chinese, please visit www.wego-club.com or Add our Wechat: qw94123

1 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
Shi Lei (Raymond) Zeng 4k Toronto Sep 03, 2019

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