2019 Haihua Cup - Canada West Go Association

Monday, May 20, 2019

Director: Cathy Li
Location: 110 – 12820 Clarke Place Richmond B.C., Canada
Registration Closes: Sunday, May 19, 2019


2019 "Haihua" Cup is co-hosted by Canada West Go Association and Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy.

Time May 20th  2019 from 9:00am to 5:00pmMonday& Victorial Day

Venue110 – 12820 Clarke Place Richmond B.C., Canada

No age limits for this event. All the players will be divided into 5 groups depending on the levels and ages: 

Open will be 5D+;  

Group B will be 1D to 4D; 

Group C will be 5K to 1K,

Group D will be 12K to 6K 

Group E will be below 12K.

The top 3 players on each group will get Champion/Medal/Prize or Presents.

Tournament rules: 

Komi is 7.5 points

45 minutes sudden death for each sideovertime counts as a loss. 


Contact information 7788927377 or 604-282-3776Cathy Li


Email: cathyLi11802@hotmail.com

Admission fee

$35/adult and $30/student including lunch(pizza)

Sponsorship is welcomed and we will publish the sponsor’s information via the following media outlets:WeChat Group,Wechat public ID, flyers for all community centers and education centers, Global GoWebsite and player platforms (Eweiqi.comChinese弈客,Tencent wild fox etc.) and posters on the event site.  

Any sponsors that donate $2,000 or more will become the title sponsor. 




Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Shao, Yilin (17k) Lam, Arthur (15k)
Dong, Adam (18k) Shen, Oliver (14k)
Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k) Zhao, Shiny (9k)
Li, Hongxuan (15k) Gao, Lu (6k)
Wu, Justin (2k) Tian, Justin (3k)
Wu, Hayden (2k) Tang, Eason (5k)
Zhang, Jack (3k) Bao, Justin (3d)
Li, Raymond (4k) Yue, Bond (1k)
Zeng, Edward Jiayu (2d) Li, Dailun (4d)
Ding, Xiangguang (2d) Leung, David (1d)
Zhu, Nathan (3d) Qian, Haiming (1d)
Yang, Peiyan (1d) Ma, Chang (4d)
Zhan, Eason (3d) LUO, ANDY (2d)
LI, Mike (2d) Hou, Boya (2d)
Yang, Jing (6d) Li, Chris (4d)
Long, Robert (4d) Jin, Nick (5d)
Yu, William (6d) Tong, Roy (5d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d)
Gong, Ben (3d) Kwon, Tim (3d)
Wang, Benjamin (5d) Liu, Feifan (4d)
Shao, Yilin (17k) He, Ryan (16k)
Lam, Arthur (15k) Shen, Oliver (14k)
Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k) Liu, J (6k)
Li, Hongxuan (15k) Zhao, Shiny (9k)
Wu, Hayden (2k) Wu, Justin (2k)
Tian, Justin (3k) Tang, Eason (5k)
Zhang, Jack (3k) Li, Raymond (4k)
Yue, Bond (1k) Bao, Justin (3d)
Leung, David (1d) Li, Dailun (4d)
Ding, Xiangguang (2d) Zeng, Edward Jiayu (2d)
Qian, Haiming (1d) Yang, Peiyan (1d)
Ma, Chang (4d) Zhu, Nathan (3d)
LUO, ANDY (2d) LI, Mike (2d)
Hou, Boya (2d) Zhan, Eason (3d)
Jin, Nick (5d) Yang, Jing (6d)
Li, Chris (4d) Long, Robert (4d)
Tong, Roy (5d) Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Yu, William (6d)
Kwon, Tim (3d) Liu, Feifan (4d)
Gong, Ben (3d) Wang, Benjamin (5d)
He, Ryan (16k) Shen, Oliver (14k)
Dong, Adam (18k) Lam, Arthur (15k)
Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k) Gao, Lu (6k)
Zhao, Shiny (9k) Liu, J (6k)
Wu, Justin (2k) Li, Raymond (4k)
Bao, Justin (3d) Tian, Justin (3k)
Zhang, Jack (3k) Wu, Hayden (2k)
Tang, Eason (5k) Yue, Bond (1k)
Li, Dailun (4d) Zhu, Nathan (3d)
Zeng, Edward Jiayu (2d) Hou, Boya (2d)
Leung, David (1d) Zhan, Eason (3d)
Qian, Haiming (1d) Ding, Xiangguang (2d)
LUO, ANDY (2d) Ma, Chang (4d)
LI, Mike (2d) Yang, Peiyan (1d)
Yang, Jing (6d) Zhang, Brady (7d)
Wang, Benjamin (5d) Li, Chris (4d)
Long, Robert (4d) Gong, Ben (3d)
Jin, Nick (5d) Tong, Roy (5d)
Kwon, Tim (3d) Yu, William (6d)
Liu, Feifan (4d) Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d)
Dong, Adam (18k) He, Ryan (16k)
Shao, Yilin (17k) Shen, Oliver (14k)
Zhao, Shiny (9k) Gao, Lu (6k)
Li, Hongxuan (15k) Liu, J (6k)
Zhang, Jack (3k) Wu, Justin (2k)
Tian, Justin (3k) Li, Raymond (4k)
Yue, Bond (1k) Wu, Hayden (2k)
Tang, Eason (5k) Bao, Justin (3d)
Li, Dailun (4d) Zhan, Eason (3d)
Yang, Peiyan (1d) Zeng, Edward Jiayu (2d)
LUO, ANDY (2d) Leung, David (1d)
Zhu, Nathan (3d) Ding, Xiangguang (2d)
LI, Mike (2d) Qian, Haiming (1d)
Hou, Boya (2d) Ma, Chang (4d)
Wang, Benjamin (5d) Yang, Jing (6d)
Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d) Li, Chris (4d)
Liu, Feifan (4d) Long, Robert (4d)
Yu, William (6d) Jin, Nick (5d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Gong, Ben (3d)
Tong, Roy (5d) Kwon, Tim (3d)
He, Ryan (16k) Lam, Arthur (15k)
Dong, Adam (18k) Shao, Yilin (17k)
Gao, Lu (6k) Liu, J (6k)
Li, Hongxuan (15k) Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k)
Bao, Justin (3d) Wu, Justin (2k)
Yue, Bond (1k) Tian, Justin (3k)
Li, Raymond (4k) Wu, Hayden (2k)
Zhang, Jack (3k) Tang, Eason (5k)