CONCO Topkids Gofun Studio Go Open

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Director: Yong Liu
Location: 41 Scarsdale Rd. North York On.

CONCO  Topkids Gofun Studio Go Open Tournament

2019 "CONCO" Cup TopkidsGofun Studio Go Open Tournament co-hosted by the Council of NewcomerOrganization(CONCO), Beijing Association of Canada, CWAQ, Gofun Studio andTopkids Education Center,  along-side We Go Club, Golden key Center, Toronto LiCaLihua Club; sponsored by DEEPTHINK GO., Insurance Agency~Lingling Peng, LiCaLihua Go Club,GeWaiXin Construction Group. 

This Tournament will commence on May 4th 2019Saturdayfrom   9:00 am to 5:00 pm.The location is in Topkids Education Center.

Time May 4th 201from 9:00am to 5:00pm

AddressTopkids Education Center Unit 7&841 Scarsdale Rd. Toronto On, M3B2R2

No age limits for this event. All the players will be divided into 4 groups depending on the levels and ages: Group A will be +3D;  Group B will be -2D; Group C and Group D should be the age under 18 years.  Group C will be 20K to 10K;  Group C will be-20K~25k(13x13 board);  Group C and D children players may get CGA(Canadian Go Association) Certificates$10depending the results.

The top 3 players on each group will get Champion/Medal/Prize or Presents. The Champion of this event(1st place of Group A) will got $300 prize. 

The best female player will be titled and honored for female players.

Tournament rules: .

Group A: Swiss-McMahon Match Rules 4 roundsChinese Weiqi rules,45 minutes sudden death for each sideovertime counts as a loss. 

Group C~D: Swiss-McMahon Match Rules 5 roundsChinese Weiqi rules,30 minutes sudden death for each sideovertime counts as a loss. 

More details are available from the events rules



Weichatlylouis999; LULUlulu


$30/person before April.18th 2019.$35/person after April.18th 2019

Etransfer accepted via Email[email protected]

NoteAddition $10 charged for lunch.

Sponsorship is welcomed and we will publish the sponsor’s information via the following media outlets:WeChat Group,Wechat public ID, flyers for all community centers and education centers, Global GoWebsite and player platforms (Eweiqi.comChinese弈客,Tencent wild fox etc.) and posters on the event site.  

Any sponsors that donate $2,000 or more will become the title sponsor. 

Title sponsor will be advertised for all the tournaments that holded by CWQA(Canada WeiQi Alliance) in 2019. 



DeepthinkGoWe are focused on AI-Go education and promotion.  

DeepthinkGo is the the easiest and user friendly AI Go game,

MainFunctions:  AI CNN key moving display, AI Deepthinking , And third partyGo Game tracking: Fox/Eweiqi/Qi mind/KGS/IGS, Play with AI: GNU,LeelaZero andPhoniexGo, AI auto study mode.

DIGITALTRADING General Agency in North America

JohnLiu  Tel1-416-6285931  Cell1-416-8449825QQ1989910911 

Insurance Agency: Lingling Peng

More than 10 years experience, owed very good reputation in clients. 

Phone: 647-907-6206(Lingling Peng) 

LICALIVA International Go Club of Toronto:

Was founded in 2017, by Canada Licaliva design Group. One founder of the CWAQ(Canadian WeiQi Alliance), Licaliva International Go Club need the best Go players of Canada attend the City league competition every year. 


Contact: Email:[email protected] or Via CWQA 

GeWaiXin Instruction Group.

Was founded by Canada Chinese community best performancer Leo Qv, there are more than 20 years good experience in Canada Construction Industry. GeWaiXin also dedecated in Charity work, being the leadship in Chinese community of Canada. 

Please support GeWaiXin, our good reputation enterprizer. 

Phone:416-292-9788, Fax:416-352-1447;

Address: 33 Golden gate court Scarborough On. M1P3A4





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Howard Wong 5d Toronto Apr 10, 2019

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