9th Brock Go Tournament

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Director: Thomas Wolf
Location: Brock University, St Catharines, Plaza Building, rooms 408,409

The Brock University Go Club welcomes everyone to our 9th annual Go tournament.


Due to generous sponsorship of Licaliva International Weiqi (Go) Club, Toronto and the Brock University Confucius Institute we will again be able to provide free warm and cold food including Chinese food + drinks all day. We will have prizes and will even be able to financially support travel to St Catharines. A real highlight will be the attendence of professional player Gansheng Shi 1P who will be available to comment on player's games!

When & Where:

Saturday March 2nd, 2019
Brock University, St Catharines, Plaza building, 4th floor, room 408, located between "Isaac's Bar & Grill" and "Cairns Building" on the campus map
http://www.brocku.ca/blogs/campus-map/ .
It has the "Brock University Campus Store" on 1st floor, visible on a magnification of the above map.

Driving Directions:

On the QEW drive towards St Catharines. Shortly before St Catharines exit into Hwy 406 towards Thorold. After about 10km exit on the right into St. Davids West.
At the 2nd crossing either

Event details:

Main tournament: 4 rounds,
25 minutes per player then
25 stones in 10 min.,
35 stones in 10 min.,
45 stones in 10 min., etc.
Games should not last longer than 90 minutes.

If there is interest: self pairing 13x13 tournament


Registration:      9:00
Start 1st round:  10:00
Start 2nd round:  11:30
Lunch time break
Start 3rd round:  13:30
Start 4rd round:  15:00
Prize giving:     16:30

We are open to suggestions especially those coming from Rochester and Toronto about changes in the number of rounds and times in order not to close too late.

The above schedule is ambitious. In previous years delays due to late game endings did occur.


The tournament is free.


Please register on this website which will allow us to start the tournament in time and simplify the uploading of tournament results and update of your CGA ranking.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at Brock


Thomas Wolf


Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Cai, HJ (Hejun) (5d) Qiu, Wei (7d)
Wong, Howard (5d) Chen, Tianyi (6d)
Zhao, Tony (7d) Fu, Yuxin (5d)
Wolf, Oliver (5d) Zhang, Junliang (4d)
Zhan, Sen (5d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Lin, Rachel (3d) Wang, Richard (4d)
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Lee, Chunghoon (1d)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Sim, Matt (1k)
Al-hassy, Musa (6k) Li, Xinze (6k)
Huang, Jinyi (5k) Zhang, Tyler (7k)
Xu, Michael (1d) Shi, Sophia (11k)
Sohn, Andy (2d) Im, Jiwoong (1d)
Qiu, Wei (7d) Wong, Howard (5d)
Yoon, Juhyung (7d) Zhao, Tony (7d)
Fu, Yuxin (5d) Wolf, Oliver (5d)
Zhang, Junliang (4d) Cai, HJ (Hejun) (5d)
Chen, Tianyi (6d) Zhan, Sen (5d)
Wang, Richard (4d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Lin, Rachel (3d) Sohn, Andy (2d)
Im, Jiwoong (1d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Sim, Matt (1k) Lee, Chunghoon (1d)
Zhang, Tyler (7k) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Li, Xinze (6k) Xu, Xinyang (4k)
Huang, Jinyi (5k) Mackenzie, Jacqueline (10k)
Qiu, Wei (7d) Zhao, Tony (7d)
Fu, Yuxin (5d) Yoon, Juhyung (7d)
Wolf, Oliver (5d) Cai, HJ (Hejun) (5d)
Zhan, Sen (5d) Wong, Howard (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Zhang, Junliang (4d)
Chen, Tianyi (6d) Lin, Rachel (3d)
Im, Jiwoong (1d) Wang, Richard (4d)
Sohn, Andy (2d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Lee, Chunghoon (1d)
Al-hassy, Musa (6k) Sim, Matt (1k)
Mackenzie, Jacqueline (10k) Zhang, Tyler (7k)
Huang, Jinyi (5k) Li, Xinze (6k)
Zhao, Tony (7d) Zhan, Sen (5d)
Yoon, Juhyung (7d) Qiu, Wei (7d)
Wong, Howard (5d) Fu, Yuxin (5d)
Cai, HJ (Hejun) (5d) Chen, Tianyi (6d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Wolf, Oliver (5d)
Wang, Richard (4d) Zhang, Junliang (4d)
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Lin, Rachel (3d)
Lee, Chunghoon (1d) Sohn, Andy (2d)
Sim, Matt (1k) Im, Jiwoong (1d)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Ma, Dylan (5k) Zhang, Tyler (7k)
Shi, Sophia (11k) Mackenzie, Jacqueline (10k)
Xu, Michael (1d) Huang, Jinyi (5k)