Canadian Go team tournament

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Director: Louis Liu
Location: Top kids education center
Registration Closes: Sunday, September 16, 2018

Time : 9 AM - 6 PM

Location :  Topkids Education Center, Unit 7&8,41 Scarsdale Rd. Toronto On, M3B2R2

Teams of 3 players match up with other 3 player teams.  Number of rounds/time controls/etc still to be determined.  Prizes will be awarded for the top three teams. Team wins will of course be the top placement determinant, but if tied with team wins then it would be board 1 wins, board 2 wins, etc.  Details like the use of handicaps also to be determined later (taking into account what teams register).  Originally this was envisioned as a "University team" event, but this restriction is now gone.  Team members should be "upper dan" level, there are no handicaps/bands in this event, so low dan/kyu players wouldn't be competitive.

Registration contact info


Weichat:lylouis999; zhushuli6872

E-transfers accepted via 

Registration fees  $90/team with 3 players(Total 4 members ,one director was included) $150/team with 5 players(Total 6 members ,one director was included)

Organizing group: Canadian Weiqi alliance (Toronto Gofun studio, Golden Key, We Go club, Licaliva, Topkids education center).

Sponsors:  Eric Ai-Love Investment Class,Chuang Wei Xiang,Shanghai cold food Store.