Canadian open training sessions - Sohyun Park 3P

Friday, August 24, 2018 - Monday, August 27, 2018

Director: James Sedgwick
Location: Toronto/GTA

Sohyun Park 3P will attend the Canadian open to teach.  As many of you know she has spent considerable time in Canada in the past, including attending two Canadian open tournaments.  Her English is fluent, and from personal experience she is a good teacher.

She will be in Toronto from Friday the 24 through Monday the 27th, and would like to teach as many players as possible.  She has in mind group lectures, although private lessons are also possible.  Please register with this CGA event if you are interested in participating in a lecture.  We'll try to assemble groups of similar level players into a lecture for that group, and find a time that works for the group.

Prices are not 100% fixed, but 10$/person for a 1 hour group lesson, or 50$ for a private lesson are likely the price.

You can email me (James Sedgwick, with any questions, feedback, or requests for particular lecture topics.  Sohyun is happy to tailure her presentations to the interests of a group, but it will help to know ahead of time of such interests so she can be properly prepared.

It is almost certain she will attend Friday night with the University of Toronto Go club.  Sunday aftenoon there will be some lecture at the Toronto Go club.  And Monday night she will visit the Lawrence Park Go club.

9 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
James Sedgwick 5d Toronto Jun 27, 2018
Yuxin Fu 5d Toronto Jun 28, 2018
Howard Wong 5d Toronto Jul 31, 2018
Alan Zhang 4d North york Jul 05, 2018
Dennis Ray 3d Toronto Jun 27, 2018
Nicholas Prince 3d Hamilton Jun 26, 2018
Alan Zhang 2d Toronto Jul 06, 2018
Joshua O'Neill 1d Toronto Aug 25, 2018
Symon Foren 7k Toronto Jun 29, 2018
Tyler Zhang 7k Toronto Jun 30, 2018
Jack Commanda 7k Hamilton Jun 28, 2018
Ren Lawrence 18k Toronto Jun 28, 2018

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