Beixie Gofun Go Tournament 2017 (Toronto)

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Director: Yong (Louis) Liu
Location: Topkids Education Center, Unit 7&8,41 Scarsdale Rd. Toronto On, M3B2R2
Registration Closes: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Beixie Gofun Tournament 2017

Hold by Beijing Association with Toronto Gofun Studio and sponsored by Toronto Brother Sister Real Estate.  Beixie Gofun Go Tournament 2017 will be held on Dec 16th, 2017 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Location is sponsored by Topkids Education Center

Time: 2017.Dec.16th 900am~6:00pm

Address: Topkids Education Center,  Unit 7&841 Scarsdale Rd. Toronto On, M3B2R2

Two tournaments will actually be held.  A children's competition and an adult competition.  This is the page for the adult competition.  Depending on the number and level of the top children some of them might be moved to the adult group if  there are not enough children at their level in the children's competition, but anyway for now those 16 and under should register initially in the children's event.


Lunch:  A free lunch is included for competitors. 


Advance registration much preferred.  Players should aim to be on site by 9:30 AM, with the first game to start at 10 AM.

Please register through phone, Wechat, or email:


Wechatlylouis999; zhushuli6872


Admission fee

$20/person (before Dec.1st)

$25/person, after Dec.1st

Etransfer is

Schedule: Rd1 : 10-11:30.  Rd2 11:30 - 1. Rd3 1:30 - 3.  Rd4 3-4:30.  Rd5 4:30 - 6.  Prizes 6-6:30.

Time controls: 10 minutes main time.  Then 10 minutes for 30 stones, 10 minutes for 40 stones, and if needed finally 10 minutes for 50 stones.

Note: Sponsors are welcome. We will share sponsor information through all kind of the waysaWeiChat and friend Group b. Weichat public ID cFlyers for all community center and education center connected d.Global Go Website and player platforms(Eweiqi.comChinese弈客,Tencent wild fox ...) ePoster on the place on site。   

Over $5000 will be titled sponsorship.

5 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City
Quan Sun 7d Waterloo
James Sedgwick 5d Toronto
Howard Wong 4d Toronto
Yinru Wang 10k Waterloo
Minho Kwon 13k Toronto

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