40th Canadian Open

Saturday, July 01, 2017 - Monday, July 03, 2017

Director: Cathy Li & Melissa Zhang
Location: Vancouver
Registration Closes: Saturday, July 01, 2017

Hosted in central Vancouver, at the beautiful private school Crofton House .  The main tournament will be Saturday/Sunday, with Pair Go, playoffs, and possibly other side events Monday.  Since the facility will be provided near free, this will be an unusually affordable Canadian open. Effectivey the school is acting as a significant event sponsor.  Many thanks to Melissa Zhang and family for making arrangements with the school.


Registration Fee:  (3-day pizza lunch included)

Before June 20th, 2017      $65 for adults   |   $45 for under 18

At door                                $75 for adults   |   $55 for under 18

Banquet - $25/person

All registration fees will by collected at the door on the morning of the event. Please try to pre-register online before June 20th.

Parking:  We've now been granted free access to the school parkage, very generous.  See the link here for access details.



Saturday July 1st

Registration 9-10am

Rd1: 10:15 - 12:45

Lunch: 12:45 - 1:30

Rd2: 1:30 - 4:00

Rd3: 4:00 - 6:30

Dinner break 6:30 - 8:00

Evening activities (lightning tournament): 8:00 - 10:00


Sunday July 2nd

Rd1: 9:30 - 12:00

Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00

Rd2: 1:00 - 3:30

Rd3: 4:30 - 7:00

Awards: 7:00 - 8:00

Banquet: 8:00


Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Ge, Yongfei (7d) Zhang, Peter (5d)
Lu, Shan (4d) Ji, Kevin (6d)
Qiu, Lei (5d) Koh, Juyong (6d)
Wang, Yue (5d) Park, Terry (6d)
Wang, Benjamin (5d) Yang, Jiang (5d)
Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d) Yu, William (6d)
Yang, Jing (6d) Yuan, Weiping (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Zhang, Brady (7d)
Noguchi, Koichi (6d) Stevens, Kory (4d)
Lu, David (6d) Langston, Roy (4d)
Chen, Haiyan (4d) Miao, Qing (4d)
LI, Mike (2d) Gong, Ben (3d)
Ma, Chang (4d) Guo, Frank (3d)
Chang, Michael (3d) Lin, Tony (2d)
Gong, Frank (2d) Ding, Sunny (2d)
Yang, Yunbo (3d) Qiu, Jeff (1d)
Luo, Andy (1k) Cai, Marshall Li (1k)
Sun, Eason (1k) LI, Leo (1k)
Guo, Jiabao (1d) Scott, Noel (1k)
Yue, Xiaoci (3k) Hou, Boya (2d)
Mao, Jecia (ZiYun) (6k) Ma, Hsi Chung (5k)
Cao, Derek (2k) Wu, Hayden (2k)
Lorimer, Alex (5k) Wu, Justin (2k)
Chapeskie, Wayne (7k) Chang, Wesley (4k)
Gallant, Lydia (6k) Hackney, Thomas (6k)
Chapin, Leif (8k) Huang, Angel (8k)
Feng, Edward (12k) Yang, Peiyan (1d)
WU, JIANZHOU (8k) Castanza, Gordon (9k)
Li, Lyndon (10k) Li, Mike (10k)
Jiang, Selina (12k) Li Cai, Maya (11k)
Li, Celine (15k) Feng, Sabrina (12k)
Liu, Ethan (15k) Li, Andrew (14k)
He, Vallen (15k) Wang, Jessica (14k)
Jiang, Veronica (15k) Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k)
Su, Kevin (13k) Qian, Wilson lin (15k)
LI, Olivia (17k) Su, Judy (15k)
Niu, Alex (17k) Shao, Yilin (17k)
Dong, Adam (18k) Yan, Jason (17k)
Lin, Lyn (24k) Lin, Jerry (23k)
Yu, William (6d) Noguchi, Koichi (6d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Yang, Jing (6d)
Koh, Juyong (6d) Wang, Yue (5d)
Ji, Kevin (6d) Lu, David (6d)
Yang, Jiang (5d) Ge, Yongfei (7d)
Stevens, Kory (4d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Yuan, Weiping (5d) Wang, Benjamin (5d)
Tong, Roy (5d) Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d)
Qiu, Lei (5d) Chen, Haiyan (4d)
Zhang, Peter (5d) Lu, Shan (4d)
Miao, Qing (4d) Ma, Chang (4d)
Kwon, Tim (3d) Chang, Michael (3d)
Langston, Roy (4d) LI, Mike (2d)
Ding, Sunny (2d) Guo, Frank (3d)
Lin, Tony (2d) Yang, Yunbo (3d)
Cai, Marshall Li (1k) Gong, Frank (2d)
Qiu, Jeff (1d) Sun, Eason (1k)
Guo, Jiabao (1d) Luo, Andy (1k)
LI, Leo (1k) Scott, Noel (1k)
Ma, Hsi Chung (5k) Cao, Derek (2k)
Shen, Harry (4k) Lorimer, Alex (5k)
Wu, Justin (2k) Mao, Jecia (ZiYun) (6k)
Chang, Wesley (4k) Wu, Hayden (2k)
Yang, Peiyan (1d) Chapeskie, Wayne (7k)
Hackney, Thomas (6k) Chapin, Leif (8k)
Castanza, Gordon (9k) Huang, Angel (8k)
Feng, Edward (12k) WU, JIANZHOU (8k)
Li, Mike (10k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Li Cai, Maya (11k) Li, Lyndon (10k)
Feng, Sabrina (12k) Jiang, Selina (12k)
Wang, Jessica (14k) Li, Andrew (14k)
Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k) Li, Celine (15k)
Su, Judy (15k) He, Vallen (15k)
Qian, Wilson lin (15k) Liu, Ethan (15k)
Jiang, Veronica (15k) Su, Kevin (13k)
Shao, Yilin (17k) Yan, Jason (17k)
Lin, Jerry (23k) LI, Olivia (17k)
Dong, Adam (18k) Niu, Alex (17k)
Noguchi, Koichi (6d) Zhang, Brady (7d)
Lu, David (6d) Wang, Yue (5d)
Ge, Yongfei (7d) Koh, Juyong (6d)
Tong, Roy (5d) Park, Terry (6d)
Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d) Yang, Jing (6d)
Ji, Kevin (6d) Yuan, Weiping (5d)
Zhang, Peter (5d) Yu, William (6d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Qiu, Lei (5d)
Ma, Chang (4d) Yang, Jiang (5d)
Wang, Benjamin (5d) Long, Robert (4d)
Lu, Shan (4d) Gong, Ben (3d)
Stevens, Kory (4d) Chang, Michael (3d)
Lin, Tony (2d) Kwon, Tim (3d)
Guo, Frank (3d) Miao, Qing (4d)
LI, Mike (2d) Gong, Frank (2d)
Ding, Sunny (2d) Yang, Yunbo (3d)
Scott, Noel (1k) Qiu, Jeff (1d)
Cai, Marshall Li (1k) Sun, Eason (1k)
LI, Leo (1k) Luo, Andy (1k)
Hou, Boya (2d) Guo, Jiabao (1d)
Cao, Derek (2k) Lorimer, Alex (5k)
Shen, Harry (4k) Ma, Hsi Chung (5k)
Wu, Hayden (2k) Wu, Justin (2k)
Hackney, Thomas (6k) Mao, Jecia (ZiYun) (6k)
Huang, Angel (8k) Yang, Peiyan (1d)
Chapeskie, Wayne (7k) Feng, Edward (12k)
Chapin, Leif (8k) WU, JIANZHOU (8k)
Gallant, Lydia (6k) Li, Lyndon (10k)
Li Cai, Maya (11k) Castanza, Gordon (9k)
Jiang, Selina (12k) Li, Mike (10k)
Li, Andrew (14k) Feng, Sabrina (12k)
Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k) Su, Judy (15k)
Li, Celine (15k) Liu, Ethan (15k)
Wang, Jessica (14k) Su, Kevin (13k)
Shao, Yilin (17k) He, Vallen (15k)
Qian, Wilson lin (15k) Jiang, Veronica (15k)
Yan, Jason (17k) Niu, Alex (17k)
Lin, Jerry (23k) Dong, Adam (18k)
LI, Olivia (17k) Lin, Lyn (24k)
Wang, Yue (5d) Noguchi, Koichi (6d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Ji, Kevin (6d)
Chen, Haiyan (4d) Yu, William (6d)
Koh, Juyong (6d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Yang, Jing (6d) Lu, David (6d)
Ge, Yongfei (7d) Stevens, Kory (4d)
Yang, Jiang (5d) Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d)
Qiu, Lei (5d) Lu, Shan (4d)
Zhang, Peter (5d) Wang, Benjamin (5d)
Yuan, Weiping (5d) Langston, Roy (4d)
Kwon, Tim (3d) Tong, Roy (5d)
Chang, Michael (3d) Miao, Qing (4d)
Long, Robert (4d) Ma, Chang (4d)
Guo, Frank (3d) Yang, Yunbo (3d)
Lin, Tony (2d) Ding, Sunny (2d)
Qiu, Jeff (1d) LI, Mike (2d)
Sun, Eason (1k) Luo, Andy (1k)
Scott, Noel (1k) Cai, Marshall Li (1k)
Guo, Jiabao (1d) Cao, Derek (2k)
Shen, Harry (4k) Hou, Boya (2d)
Chang, Wesley (4k) Lorimer, Alex (5k)
Wu, Justin (2k) LI, Leo (1k)
Wu, Hayden (2k) Hackney, Thomas (6k)
Mao, Jecia (ZiYun) (6k) Yang, Peiyan (1d)
Chapin, Leif (8k) Chapeskie, Wayne (7k)
WU, JIANZHOU (8k) Huang, Angel (8k)
Li Cai, Maya (11k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Castanza, Gordon (9k) Li, Mike (10k)
Jiang, Selina (12k) Li, Lyndon (10k)
Feng, Sabrina (12k) Lin, Jerry (23k)
Li, Andrew (14k) Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k)
Li, Celine (15k) Wang, Jessica (14k)
Su, Kevin (13k) Su, Judy (15k)
He, Vallen (15k) Qian, Wilson lin (15k)
Niu, Alex (17k) Jiang, Veronica (15k)
Liu, Ethan (15k) Shao, Yilin (17k)
Lin, Lyn (24k) Dong, Adam (18k)
Yan, Jason (17k) LI, Olivia (17k)
Yang, Jing (6d) Noguchi, Koichi (6d)
Yu, William (6d) Wang, Yue (5d)
Koh, Juyong (6d) Zhang, Brady (7d)
Ji, Kevin (6d) Ge, Yongfei (7d)
Lu, David (6d) Lu, Shan (4d)
Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d) Yuan, Weiping (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Zhang, Peter (5d)
Tong, Roy (5d) Chen, Haiyan (4d)
Yang, Jiang (5d) Langston, Roy (4d)
Long, Robert (4d) Qiu, Lei (5d)
Miao, Qing (4d) Stevens, Kory (4d)
Yang, Yunbo (3d) Kwon, Tim (3d)
Chang, Michael (3d) Gong, Ben (3d)
Ding, Sunny (2d) LI, Mike (2d)
Gong, Frank (2d) Lin, Tony (2d)
Guo, Frank (3d) Scott, Noel (1k)
Luo, Andy (1k) Qiu, Jeff (1d)
Sun, Eason (1k) Guo, Jiabao (1d)
Chang, Wesley (4k) Cai, Marshall Li (1k)
LI, Leo (1k) Shen, Harry (4k)
Hou, Boya (2d) Cao, Derek (2k)
Wu, Justin (2k) Chapeskie, Wayne (7k)
Wu, Hayden (2k) Mao, Jecia (ZiYun) (6k)
Yang, Peiyan (1d) Hackney, Thomas (6k)
Castanza, Gordon (9k) Chapin, Leif (8k)
WU, JIANZHOU (8k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Huang, Angel (8k) Li, Lyndon (10k)
Li Cai, Maya (11k) Li, Mike (10k)
Su, Kevin (13k) Jiang, Selina (12k)
Li, Andrew (14k) Lin, Jerry (23k)
Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k) Feng, Sabrina (12k)
Su, Judy (15k) Li, Celine (15k)
Wang, Jessica (14k) Qian, Wilson lin (15k)
Niu, Alex (17k) He, Vallen (15k)
Shao, Yilin (17k) Jiang, Veronica (15k)
LI, Olivia (17k) Dong, Adam (18k)
Yan, Jason (17k) Lin, Lyn (24k)
Noguchi, Koichi (6d) Zhang, Peter (5d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Wang, Yue (5d)
Wang, Benjamin (5d) Ji, Kevin (6d)
Yuan, Weiping (5d) Koh, Juyong (6d)
Yu, William (6d) Lu, David (6d)
Tong, Roy (5d) Yang, Jing (6d)
Lu, Shan (4d) Ge, Yongfei (7d)
Yang, Jiang (5d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Zhang, Zhiqiang (5d) Qiu, Lei (5d)
Miao, Qing (4d) Long, Robert (4d)
Stevens, Kory (4d) Yang, Yunbo (3d)
Ma, Chang (4d) Langston, Roy (4d)
Chen, Haiyan (4d) Chang, Michael (3d)
Gong, Ben (3d) Kwon, Tim (3d)
LI, Mike (2d) Scott, Noel (1k)
Qiu, Jeff (1d) Ding, Sunny (2d)
Cai, Marshall Li (1k) Guo, Jiabao (1d)
Cao, Derek (2k) Sun, Eason (1k)
Luo, Andy (1k) Shen, Harry (4k)
Chang, Wesley (4k) Hou, Boya (2d)
Lorimer, Alex (5k) LI, Leo (1k)
Chapeskie, Wayne (7k) Wu, Hayden (2k)
Hackney, Thomas (6k) Wu, Justin (2k)
Gallant, Lydia (6k) Chapin, Leif (8k)
Yang, Peiyan (1d) WU, JIANZHOU (8k)
Li, Mike (10k) Huang, Angel (8k)
Li, Lyndon (10k) Castanza, Gordon (9k)
Li Cai, Maya (11k) Li, Andrew (14k)
Jiang, Selina (12k) Lin, Jerry (23k)
Feng, Sabrina (12k) Su, Kevin (13k)
Su, Judy (15k) Wang, Jessica (14k)
Li, Celine (15k) Niu, Alex (17k)
Qian, Wilson lin (15k) Zhang, Mark tin yuen (14k)
Shao, Yilin (17k) LI, Olivia (17k)
Dong, Adam (18k) He, Vallen (15k)
Jiang, Veronica (15k) Yan, Jason (17k)
Liu, Ethan (15k) Lin, Lyn (24k)