Ligue Senthé 2016 - Ronde 1

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - Sunday, February 14, 2016

Director: Lydia Gallant
Location: Senthé
Registration Closes: Sunday, January 10, 2016

First round of the 2016 Senthé League.

More details :

Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Paquin, Serge (1d) Olders, Andrew (2d)
Poselentsev, Grigory (1k) Olders, Andrew (2d)
Labelle, François (1k) Olders, Andrew (2d)
Poselentsev, Grigory (1k) Paquin, Serge (1d)
Paquin, Serge (1d) Labelle, François (1k)
Poselentsev, Grigory (1k) Labelle, François (1k)
Olders, Andrew (2d) Nehmé, Georges (1k)
Paquin, Serge (1d) Nehmé, Georges (1k)
Poselentsev, Grigory (1k) Nehmé, Georges (1k)
Labelle, François (1k) Nehmé, Georges (1k)
Lorrain, François (4k) Malick, Darrell (1d)
Malick, Darrell (1d) Delbecque, Yannick (3k)
Delbecque, Yannick (3k) Lorrain, François (4k)
Durand, Felix (7k) Howden, Dave (4k)
Stoian, Alexandru (8k) Howden, Dave (4k)
Stoian, Alexandru (8k) Durand, Felix (7k)
Lévesque, Pierre-Emmanuel (6k) Yamagami, Tadashi (9k)
Yamagami, Tadashi (9k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Desjardins, Céline (11k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Gallant, Lydia (6k) Lévesque, Pierre-Emmanuel (6k)
Desjardins, Céline (11k) Lévesque, Pierre-Emmanuel (6k)
Yamagami, Tadashi (9k) Desjardins, Céline (11k)