Beginner Go Class by Toronto Go Club

Sunday, February 21, 2016 - Thursday, September 01, 2016

Director: Ben Mantle
Location: Toronto Go club

Classes began Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 11:30am.  BUt you can still register, and we will work on how to get you caught up with the rest of the class.

Instructor: Ben Mantle
Location: Toronto Go club (519 Church street)
Register here for the Beginner Go Class.  If you are logged in to the CGA site you should see a large blue register button down towards the bottom of the page.
F.A.Q :
1.  What happens if I miss the registration deadline?
Just send us an email.  We can open the registration on the CGA site temporarily so you can be added to the class email list.  Very likely you can join in to the class after the initial start, even multiple weeks later.  We have additional instructors who can help with those who are starting late.
2.  I cannot make the Sunday morning time slot.  Is there another way for me to learn?
Sure.  There are various other options in Toronto for learning to play, and aside from that there is a huge wealth of study material and playing opportunities online.  Best would be to send an email, and we can advise what other learning approach might work well for you.
3.  What will the class be like?
The Toronto Go club has a long history of informal mentoring, but this will be the first time we know of the club is organizing structured beginner lessons.  We have a rough curriculum in mind, but for sure we will be adjusting as we see how the class progresses.  You can expect some presented content on the large demo go board, some exercises for students to attempt themselves, and games played between the students (likely on a 9x9 board, so the students can play each other quickly, get feedback from the instructor, and play with another student).
4.  Will I be welcome at the main club meeting 1-5 PM?
Absolutely!  You are welcome to stay, there will be players happy to play with you, include some novices who haven't had the chance to attend the class, but do show up at club.
5.  Is there a fee?
For now it is free.  In the medium term we might find we need some materials fee to pay for books/printed exercises/etc.  In the long run? Who knows, we're certainly hoping to make these beginner classes a regular feature, and the work involved for the instructors is significant, so we may want to pay them something.  But there are potential sponsors for this, and anyway for any of you starting Winter/Spring 2016 there for sure won't be any instructor related fees until you have progressed beyond this initial beginner class.

24 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
Nicholas Prince 3d Hamilton Mar 20, 2016
Joshua O'Neill 1d Toronto Dec 23, 2015
Chu He 4k Toronto Oct 25, 2015
Jean-François Sauger 20k Toronto Apr 07, 2016
Carsten Von Wersebe 21k Toronto Apr 02, 2016
Houssem Abdelli 22k Kef Nov 23, 2015
Jenny Glozshtein 22k Vaughan Apr 30, 2016
Tina Gong 25k Scarborough Aug 23, 2016
Phuong Ma 25k Toronto Jan 29, 2016
Tina Gong 25k Scarborough Aug 19, 2016
Jonathan Evans 25k Oshawa Jan 28, 2016
Anthony Sinclair 25k Brampton Jan 28, 2016
Phuong Ma 25k Toronto Jan 28, 2016
Ke Jia Chong 25k Toronto Feb 18, 2016
Matt Fox 25k Toronto Feb 20, 2016
Bertha Hui 25k Oakville Feb 28, 2016
Danny Liu 25k Toronto Mar 05, 2016
Adam Pallett 25k Toronto Apr 03, 2016
Jason Wong 25k Toronto Mar 28, 2016
Eugene Wong 25k Toronto Apr 16, 2016
Michael LeBlanc 25k Toronto Apr 17, 2016
Nian Lin 25k Toronto May 08, 2016
Dimitrije Jankovic 25k Toronto May 21, 2016
Tara Jankovic 25k Toronto May 21, 2016
Xiaogan Chen 25k Toronto Jun 04, 2016
Allan Hong 25k Etobicoke Jun 05, 2016
Hoang Dung Tran 25k Toronto Jul 30, 2016

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