2014 Canada West Haihua Cup Go Tournament

Friday, May 16, 2014

Director: Cathy Li
Location: Taiwanese Cultural Center, Vancouver BC.
Registration Closes: Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 18th  2014  9:00 am at 
Taiwanese Cultural Center, Vancouver BC. 
8853 Selkirk Street V6P 4J6 
You should both PRE-REGISTRATION with this tournament, and by e-mail or telephone is strongly recommended and we need your Name (first and last), Rank, CGA or AGA ID (if any), Email, Telephone, Need Lunch or Not, Birth-date(for student only). 
REGISTRATION FEE is CA$20 for adults, CA$15 for student. For registration after May 15th add $10.
ABOUT LUNCH : We will offer lunch box at CAD$8 with Three choices as follows: 

A) Deep fried chicken nuggets rice meal 
B) Marinate pork chop rice meal
C) Assorted Vegetables& tofu rice meal

Any player who need lunch box must clearly order (A or Bor C) during registration by Emailing and no late than May 15th.
More information? 

contact Cathy Li  at [email protected] or 604-638-9178, 778-892-7377
由加西围棋协会主办、台加文化中心协办的2014第十五届加西海华杯围棋锦标赛将於5月18日(星期日)上午9:00在台加文化中心( Taiwanese Cultural Center, 8853 Selkirk Street Vancouver BC. V6P 4J6 )拉开战幕。
本次比赛将采用加拿大围棋协会公开赛竞赛规则,CGA或AGA会员的比赛成绩将计入美加围棋等级分排名。报名公开组必须具CGA或AGA会员资格。凡围棋爱好者不分族群,均可报名参加比赛(报名费成人20元,学生15元,5月15日以后或现场报名者需另加10元),这次海华杯围棋锦标赛按选手棋力的高低将分为锦标组(五段以上)、 B组(2-4段)、C组(3k-1段)D组(4K-9K)、让子组E组(10K以下)五组比赛,各组前三名颁发奖牌、奖状及奖品。届时亦欢迎各界围棋爱好者预约观摩,加西围棋协会会长、加拿大围棋队教练、职业棋士李晨硕担任裁判长,大会同时接受不同级别学生报名参加围棋班。
报名咨询: 加西围棋协会、佳城园围棋学校 
电话:604-638-9178,778-892-7377 Cathy, E-Mail:[email protected]


饭(盐酥鸡+蔬菜+米饭) B:滷肉饭(滷猪肉+蔬菜+米饭)C:素红豆腐饭。

4 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
Roy Tong 4d Surrey May 02, 2014
Kory Stevens 4d Vancouver May 01, 2014
Derek Cao 2k Delta May 12, 2014
Donald Chacon-Taylor 7k Vancouver May 07, 2014

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