Toronto Go Club

The Toronto Go Club welcomes players of all levels (especially beginners) and meets on Sunday afternoons. Our goal is to spread the word about this amazing game, teach beginners, play, and of course have fun!

Club meetings take place on Sundays from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM at the 519 (Church Street Community Centre) in room 204, but check with the front desk to confirm.

Please follow the current 519 covid guidelines which include by wearing masks worn at all times, signing in for contact tracing and having no more that 8 persons in the meeting room. Also, we'll be checking for proof of vaccination.

Occasionally, we have to cancel meetings because of other events in the 519 or other go related events we support around the city. Our website is currently down so check Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information and announcements.



Room: 204
519 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 2C9


Name Rank Certificate
James Sedgwick 5d
Ryan Li 8d
Phillip Ashby 4k
Ben Mantle 5d
Johnny Lau 15k
Minsung Nicholas Suh 6d
Yu Liu 2k
Viet Nguyen 13k
Mark Li 2d
Selly Ye 25k
Tatsuya Morita-Ahad 4k
Randy Ng 15k
Kyle Dunstall 7k
Chu He 4k
Matt Fox 25k
Sau-Ling Yu 25k
Suhkjoo Yoon 6d
Huiyi Yang 5d
Haonan Guo 4d
Julien Vong 5k
Jason Wong 25k
Ryan Liu 1d
Gordon Ma 4d
Juhyung Yoon 5d
James Gonzalez 12k
Manish Narwani 25k
Ren Lawrence 18k
Marshall Ginsler-Viner 5k
John Ho 15k
Luyujia Chen 5d
Senem Sosun 10k
Hyeongseok Kim 3d
Simon Lee 2k
Shu Zhou 1d
Lindor Uygur 25k
Yichun Wang 16k
Leo Cong 1k
Alix Bouffard 22k