42nd Canadian Go Open

Friday, June 28, 2019 - Monday, July 01, 2019

Director: Nicholas Prince
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Registration Closes: Thursday, June 27, 2019


This year, Hamilton will host the 42nd Canadian Go Open at the McMaster Centre for Continuing Education.  Located in the heart of the city on James Street North, the CCE is surrounded by a diverse collection of unique shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants.  The fully accessible venue includes spacious classrooms for the tournament on the second floor, and a comfortable lounge on the ground floor for casual discussions as well as two study rooms for quiet game reviews.  

Friday, June 28th

Canadian Go Open - June 29th to July 1st


Money will be collected during Check In. Save money by registering before June 20th!


More information coming soon on attending professionals, lectures, reviews, and fun activties like Relay Go. 


For those visiting Hamilton, here are a few highlights when you need a much deserved break from Go.

Hamilton Restaurants




75 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City
Qiyou Wu 7d Toronto
Juhyung Yoon 7d Toronto
Wei Qiu 7d Toronto
Quan Sun 7d Waterloo
Yongfei Ge 7d Scarborough
Brady Zhang 7d Vancouver
Tony Zhao 7d Toronto
Yan Liu 5d Toronto
Bohong Sun 5d St.Catharines
Jing Amesbury 5d Chicago
Hanyuan Chen 5d Kitchener
Kyle Blocher 5d Champaign
Ao Zhang 5d Waterloo
Yuxin Fu 5d Toronto
James Sedgwick 5d Toronto
Guanhua Lin 5d Waterloo
Howard Wong 5d Toronto
Junliang Zhang 5d Toronto
Melissa Zhang 4d Vancouver
Mike Chen 4d toronto
Xiaotian Zhu 4d waterloo
Langhoupu Suo 4d Regina
Ruoyu Shi 4d oakville
Da Wei Yu 4d Scarborough
James Lou 4d San Jose
Pierre-Yves Laflèche 4d Sherbrooke
Ben Gong 3d surrey
Felix Huang 3d Toronto
Yiqun Du 3d Waterloo
Mark Wong 2d Toronto
Kaicheng Zhu 2d Oakville
Nathan Yin 2d Waterloo
Jason Yi 2d OTTAWA
Zizhao Wang 1d HAMILTON
Steven Wang 1d Richmond hill
Bruno Pereira 1k Mississauga
Philip Wonder 1k Hamilton
Peter Schumer 1k Middlebury
Adrian Petrescu 2k Toronto
Haydn Wang 2k 2d Richmond hill
Kevin Li 3k Toronto
Matt Sim 4k Hamilton
Dave Howden 4k Montreal
Shi Lei (Raymond) Zeng 4k Toronto
Matt Mennie 5k Ottawa
Xinyang Xu 5k springwater
Douglas Griffith 5k Hamilton
Lydia Gallant 6k Montréal
Musa Al-hassy 6k Hamilton
Mitchell Durocher 6k Windsor
Eason Tang 7k Vancouver
Yunjin Wan 7k Oakville
Tyler Zhang 7k Toronto
Thomas P McDermott 8k Richmond Hill
Alice Sedgwick 8k 6k Toronto
Le yu Yang 9k Waterloo
Tim Lin 10k Waterloo
Owen Sedgwick 10k Toronto
Kyle Plate 11k Hamilton
Na Gu 12k springwater
Veronika Keras 13k Toronto
Michael Xu 14k springwater
Gavin An 14k 9k Toronto
Andy Lee 15k Waterloo
Timothy Xu 15k Springwater
JingYue Huang 20k 15k Waterloo
Paul Stalker 20k Guelph
Simon Li 22k Newmarket
Zeyuan Li 22k Markham
Andrew Liu 25k 7k Waterloo
Sichun Meng 25k 10k Kitchener
Howard Jeddore 25k Eskasoni
Lee Blocher 25k Champaign
Allen Zhang 25k Toronto

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