Summer Go Camp 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019 - Friday, August 23, 2019

Director: Yoonyoung Kim 4P
Location: Jouvence Resort, in Mount Orford national park

The CGA summer camp event is now ready for you to register!

Details on the plan are on the event web page here

There is also a Facebook page for the event.

As noted, at least one family member should register on this CGA event page to make sure you are on our camp email list for updates about the camp

Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Mennie, Matt (4k) Ashby, Phillip (5k)
Mennie, Matt (4k) Cérat, Benjamin (1d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Velasco, Manuel (6d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Campagnie, Rémi (6d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Mitrovic, Boris (4d)
Binette, Vincent (3d) Gourdeau, Francois (3d)
Binette, Vincent (3d) Funakoshi, Kazuko (2d)
Ashby, Phillip (5k) Paiement, Maxime (2k)
Ashby, Phillip (5k) Léveillé, Pascal (5k)
Velasco, Manuel (6d) Kim, Changha (5d)
Velasco, Manuel (6d) Gourdeau, Daniel (6d)
Velasco, Manuel (6d) Campagnie, Rémi (6d)
Gourdeau, Daniel (6d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Gourdeau, Daniel (6d) Campagnie, Rémi (6d)
Sedgwick, Alice (3k) Xu, Xinyang (4k)
Sedgwick, Alice (3k) Cary, Jack (4k)
Sedgwick, Alice (3k) Léveillé, Pascal (5k)
Sedgwick, Alice (3k) Mennie, Matt (4k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Léveillé, Pascal (5k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Carphin, Philippe (10k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Cary, Jack (4k)
Campagnie, Rémi (6d) Gourdeau, Francois (3d)
Campagnie, Rémi (6d) Kim, Changha (5d)
Gourdeau, Francois (3d) Gourdeau, Daniel (6d)
Gourdeau, Francois (3d) Laflèche, Pierre-Yves (4d)
Cary, Jack (4k) Mennie, Matt (4k)
Keras, Veronika (6k) Potvin, Benoit (11k)
Keras, Veronika (6k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Keras, Veronika (6k) Cary, Jack (4k)
Carphin, Philippe (10k) Sedgwick, Alice (3k)
Carphin, Philippe (10k) Keras, Veronika (6k)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Cary, Jack (4k)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Paiement, Maxime (2k)
Xu, Xinyang (4k) Ashby, Phillip (5k)
Léveillé, Pascal (5k) Paiement, Maxime (2k)
Léveillé, Pascal (5k) Xu, Xinyang (4k)
Laflèche, Pierre-Yves (4d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Laflèche, Pierre-Yves (4d) Marsan, Jonathan (3d)
Funakoshi, Kazuko (2d) Lévêque, Camille (1d)
Funakoshi, Kazuko (2d) Cho, Younghae (2d)
Paiement, Maxime (2k) Lévêque, Camille (1d)
Paiement, Maxime (2k) Mennie, Matt (4k)
Yoo, Jin (17k) Xu, Michael (13k)
Yoo, Jin (17k) Bonin, Marc-André (18k)
Funakoshi, Jumpei (2d) Mitrovic, Boris (4d)
Funakoshi, Jumpei (2d) Cérat, Benjamin (1d)
Funakoshi, Jumpei (2d) Binette, Vincent (3d)
Cérat, Benjamin (1d) Ashby, Phillip (5k)
Cérat, Benjamin (1d) Funakoshi, Kazuko (2d)
Mitrovic, Boris (4d) Velasco, Manuel (6d)
Mitrovic, Boris (4d) Laflèche, Pierre-Yves (4d)
Mitrovic, Boris (4d) Kim, Changha (5d)
Lévêque, Camille (1d) Binette, Vincent (3d)
Lévêque, Camille (1d) Funakoshi, Jumpei (2d)
Lévêque, Camille (1d) Gourdeau, Francois (3d)
Lefebvre, Loïc (4d) Funakoshi, Kazuko (2d)
Potvin, Benoit (11k) Carphin, Philippe (10k)
Potvin, Benoit (11k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Xu, Michael (13k) Jang, Harry (15k)
Bonin, Marc-André (18k) Jang, Harry (15k)
Bauer, Heijko (14k) Barbeau Hénault, Gabriel (14k)
Bauer, Heijko (14k) Keras, Veronika (6k)
Funakoshi, Kaoru (20k) Yoo, Jin (17k)
Funakoshi, Kaoru (20k) Jang, Michelle (20k)
Funakoshi, Kaoru (20k) Bauer, Heijko (14k)
Funakoshi, Kaoru (20k) Xu, Michael (13k)
Funakoshi, Kaoru (20k) Bonin, Marc-André (18k)
Jang, Harry (15k) Bauer, Heijko (14k)
Jang, Harry (15k) Barbeau Hénault, Gabriel (14k)
Jang, Harry (15k) Potvin, Benoit (11k)
Barbeau Hénault, Gabriel (14k) Carphin, Philippe (10k)
Barbeau Hénault, Gabriel (14k) Yoo, Jin (17k)
Barbeau Hénault, Gabriel (14k) Xu, Michael (13k)
Kim, Changha (5d) Binette, Vincent (3d)
Kim, Changha (5d) Gourdeau, Daniel (6d)
Jang, Michelle (20k) Bauer, Heijko (14k)
Jang, Michelle (20k) Yoo, Jin (17k)
Jang, Michelle (20k) Bonin, Marc-André (18k)
Jang, Michelle (20k) Xu, Michael (13k)
Dumoulin, Clark (11k) Potvin, Benoit (11k)
Yum, Daeho (2d) Funakoshi, Jumpei (2d)