2018 Pan-American Pre-Qualifier

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Director: Nicholas Prince
Location: Online (Tygem)
Registration Closes: Wednesday, June 27, 2018


The first ever Pan-American Baduk Championship is happening in 2018. 

Currently 14 countries are registered: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, United States, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Each country will send two players to compete in an online preliminary. The top 5 placements from the online preliminary will then compete in a final in Mexico City.

If you would like to register in the Canadian Pre-Qualifier, please register here. The Canadian pre-qualifier, like the main qualifier will be played online on Tygem.

Requirements for Candian Pre-Qualifier Registration

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Canadian Pre-Qualifier (Tygem)

The top two players from this double elimination tournament will be selected to complete in the Panamerican Online Preliminary.

Time settings

Tygem Accounts


Round 1 

  1. Tony Zhao vs Sarah Yu (Winner: Sarah)
  2. Peter Zhang vs Manuel Velasco (Winner: Manuel)
  3. Qiyou Wu (Bye)

Round 2 

  1. Qiyou Wu vs Sarah Yu (Winer: Qiyou)
  2. Tony Zhao vs Peter Zhang (Winner: Peter)
  3. Manuel Velasco (Bye) 

Round 3 

  1. Qiyou Wu vs Manuel Velasco (Winner: Qiyou)
  2. Peter Zhang vs Sarah Yu (Winner: Peter)

Round 4 (Saturday, June 23rd - 11 AM EDT, 8 AM PDT Start Time)

  1. Peter Zhang vs Manuel Velasco (Winner: Manuel)

Panamerican Baduk Championship 2018 online preliminaries (Tygem)
2018 Panamerican Championship


The top 5 will qualify to play in the Panamerican Championship in Mexico City. Airfare expenses and lodging will be paid by the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico City.


Round Dates


Pan-am Championship (Mexico City)

November 10, 2018

1st : 30,000 mexican pesos
2nd: 20,000 mexican pesos
3rd: 10,000 mexican pesos



5 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City Date Registered
Qiyou Wu 7d Toronto May 10, 2018
Tony Zhao 7d Toronto May 29, 2018
Manuel Velasco 6d Montreal May 10, 2018
Sarah Yu 6d Ottawa May 12, 2018
Peter Zhang 5d Richmond May 14, 2018

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