We-Go 2018 Children's Rating Competition

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Director: Quan Sun
Location: Rim Park (2001 University Ave. E, Waterloo, Ontario N2K 4K4), Second Floor, Program Room – 208
Registration Closes: Saturday, January 06, 2018

Since its establishment in 2016, We-Go Club has gathered a large number of Go lovers who are adhering to the mission of popularizing Go and creating a professional Go playing environment for beginners. For the first time, We-Go will be hosting an Open tournament for all ages. The event will be divided into two major groups: the adult group, and the children’s group. We will set up qualifying competitions for the children category, where winners will be allowed to qualify for the major event competition. The adult category will be an open format, and those who score well will receive prizes and other bonuses. Whether you are an admirer of Go, play go for fun, or just want to learn more about the game, we welcome you all to journey with us on our mission to popularize Go throughout the World!

  1. Date: Saturday, January 6, 2018 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)
  2. Location: Rim Park (2001 University Ave. E, Waterloo, Ontario N2K 4K4), Second Floor, Program Room – 208
  3. Registration
  1. Certificates: All the certificates are issued by CGA (Canadian Go Association). If grading is successful, an additional fee of $10 will be charged for certificate processing.
  1. Exam Tournament Schedule
10:00 am – 11:00amRound 1
11:00 am – 12:00 pmRound 2
12:00 pm – 1:00 pmLunch Time
1:00 pm – 2: 00 pmRound 3
2:00 pm – 3:00 pmRound 4
3:00 pm – 4:00 pmRound 5
4:00pm – 4:30pmStatistical Results
4:30 pm – 5:00 pmRewards Ceremony
  1. Tournament Rule:
  1. Ranking Groups:





win at least 3 games out of 5



win at least 3 games out of 5



win at least 3 games out of 5

win at least 3 games to be 7K, win 4 games to be 5K)win 4 games to be 3K, win 5 games to be 2K)Win 4 games to be 1K, win 5 games to be 1D
Certificates:20K15K10K7K or 5K3K or 2K1K or 1D
  1. Basic Tournament Rules
    The participant needs to pay the exam fee in full before the exam starts.
    2. The participant should not quit the exam in the middle of the day. All players need to complete five rounds of matches. If the player gets sick or encounter emergency situations during the tournament and have to leave, the player will not be raised to their proposed level even with enough number of wins.
    3. Players should not talk during the match or do any activities that will disturb the opponent
    4. Players should not comment on other’s games during the match.
    5. Players should listen and follow to the judgment by the judges.

*Most of the informations are collected from Golden Key Go School from http://goldenkeygoschool.weebly.com/2017-fall-childrens-level-exam.html

  1. Contact:

29 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City
Jumpei Funakoshi 2d Toronto
Root Bao 1d Waterloo
Haydn Wang 1d 2d Richmond hill
Yitong Wan 1k Waterloo
Yijie Sun 2k waterloo
Alice Sedgwick 8k 6k Toronto
Owen Sedgwick 9k Toronto
Jay Kuo 10k Waterloo
Crane Kuo 10k Waterloo
Sichun Meng 10k 10k Kitchener
Thomas Chen 15k markham
Jin Yoo 18k Toronto
Frank Ching 18k Markham
Leo Peng 20k Waterloo
Max Peng 20k Waterloo
Andrew Liu 25k 7k Waterloo
Lucas Chen 25k Waterloo
Neo Young 25k Kitchener
John FU 25k waterloo
Li Xing Yin 25k Waterloo
Li Feng Yin 25k Waterloo
Zi Teng Jiang 25k Waterloo
Zilong Jiang 25k waterloo
Leyu Yang 25k waterloo
Samuel Lin 25k Waterloo
Nicholas Zhang 25k Waterloo
Yisong Wan 25k WATERLOO
Wen Yong Luo 25k Waterloo
Mandi Lei 25k North York

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