Golden Key youth tournament

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Director: Julie Zhu
Location: Mississauga
Registration Closes: Saturday, April 22, 2017

Golden Key (unlike most other events run in Canada) takes advance payment through their own online registration.  So for this tournament you should register both on this web page, and on the event web page.  There is a discounted rate(25$) for Registering before March 1st.  It then goes up 5$, and there is a final 5$ increase if you choose to pay at the door rather than any advance payment. Payment through the Golden Key site by the discount date is what actually counts for getting the discount.

Ratings certificates are issued by the CGA(10$) to youths who want them and score more than 3 wins in 5 games.  Parents/players should be aware these certificates will correspond roughly to that CGA rank, but one tournament can't match the accuracy of a rating aquired over many tournaments.  Of course for youth players ratings get out of date fast anyway; you can't really hope to have anything especially accurate.

Typical attendance has been in the low 30's. Its a great chance for youths to play against and make some friends  outside the immediate circle of children they study with regularly!


14 Players Registered

Registered Players

Name Rank Certificate City
Quan Sun 7d Waterloo
Shubin Mu 3d scarborough
Jumpei Funakoshi 2d Toronto
Steven Wang 1d Richmond hill
Haydn Wang 1d 2d Richmond hill
Yitong Wan 1k Waterloo
Yijie Sun 2k Waterloo
Owen Lewis 7k Williamsville
Owen Sedgwick 9k Toronto
Jay Kuo 10k Waterloo
Crane Kuo 10k Waterloo
Edric Zhou 12k Toronto
Evan Xu 20k Mississuga
Judy Zhang 20k Mississauga

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