Toronto Fall Open 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Director: Johnny Lau
Location: The 519 Community Centre, Room 106, 519 Church Street, Toronto

Toronto Fall Open 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016 — 9:00am to 7:30pm

The 519 Community Centre, Room 106, 519 Church Street, Toronto

Registration fee: $20

Cash prizes will be awarded to 1st place ($125), 2nd place ($50) & 3rd place ($25)

Go books will be given to players with the most wins

Limited to 60 participants

Optional simul game with Dongeun (Kate) Choi

Light refreshments will be served

Rank discrepancies can be dealt with at the tournament

Check for parking in the area

Check for more information and registration

NOTE: Please pre-register online by Friday (morning), September 16, 9 am EST. You can pay on the day of the tournament. Pre-registration will make registration on tournament day quicker and we will know how much equipment to prepare. We will bring enough equipment for all pre-registrants but we cannot guarantee that there will be extra equipment for late registrants. It will be done as a first come - first serve basis. Cash prizes are also determined by the number of participants. A larger number of participants will increase the value of the prizes.



9:00 - 9:45  setup & Registration

9:45 - 12:15  ROUND 1

12:15 - 12:30  break

12:30 - 1:15  Lunch

1:15 - 3:45  ROUND 2

3:45 - 4:00  break

4:00 - 6:30  ROUND 3 or simul with Dongeun (Kate) Choi

6:30 - 6:45  break

6:45 - 7:30  Awards & breakdown



30 minutes per player then 30 stones every 10 minutes thereafter. Games should not last longer than 150 minutes.

NOTE: Participants can choose to take a bye for Round 3 and play a simul game with Kate instead (limit 6-8 players).


Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Prince, Nicholas (2d) Cui, Jeff (4d)
Mennie, Matt (5k) Sim, Matt (4k)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Meindl, Rolf (7k) Bertrand, Steven (6k)
Moon, Euljee (5d) Jang, Bi (7d)
Petrescu, Adrian (2k) Dou, Yichen (3k)
Al-hassy, Musa (6k) Sim, Matt (4k)
Mantle, Ben (5d) Zhao, Tony (7d)
Luo , Jie (7k) O'Neill, Joshua (1d)
Chen, Mike (4d) Cui, Jeff (4d)
Bertrand, Steven (6k) Luo , Jie (7k)
Bertrand, Steven (6k) Griffith, Douglas (5k)
Sedgwick, Alice (8k) Balcioglu, Ahmet Zahid (2k)
Zhao, Tony (7d) Wu, Qiyou (7d)
Zhao, Tony (7d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Wang, Xiangjun (3d) Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d)
Wang, Xiangjun (3d) Prince, Nicholas (2d)
Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d) Mantle, Ben (5d)
Sim, Matt (4k) Vong, Julien (5k)
Wong, Mark (2d) Liu, Serena (3d)
Wong, Mark (2d) Xu, Kevin (1d)
Huang, En (1d) Xu, Kevin (1d)
Nagarathinam, Thanushiyan (2d) Li, Kai (1k)
Guo, Shen (4d) Moon, Euljee (5d)
Chan, Steven (17k) Leung, Alexander (7k)
Chan, Steven (17k) Sedgwick, Alice (8k)
Chen, Ian (7k) Griffith, Douglas (5k)
Chen, Ian (7k) Meindl, Rolf (7k)
Keras, Veronika (13k) Chan, Emily (20k)
Keras, Veronika (13k) Chan, Steven (17k)
Balcioglu, Ahmet Zahid (2k) Sedgwick, Owen (10k)
O'Neill, Joshua (1d) Chen, Ian (7k)
O'Neill, Joshua (1d) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Sedgwick, Owen (10k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Sedgwick, Alice (8k)
Wu, Qiyou (7d) Dang, William (4d)
Luo, Chen (5d) Fan, Jun (5d)
Luo, Chen (5d) Mantle, Ben (5d)
Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d) Guo, Shen (4d)
Wu, Qingyuan (3d) Wang, Xiangjun (3d)
Chan, Emily (20k) Pasiak, Ian (13k)
Chan, Emily (20k) Leung, Alexander (7k)
Leung, Alexander (7k) Meindl, Rolf (7k)
Vong, Julien (5k) Mennie, Matt (5k)
Vong, Julien (5k) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Li, Kai (1k) Wong, Mark (2d)
Li, Kai (1k) Li, Yong (2k)
Griffith, Douglas (5k) Balcioglu, Ahmet Zahid (2k)
Cui, Jeff (4d) Fan, Jun (5d)
Zhu, Julie (4d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Zhu, Julie (4d) Lin, Rachel (3d)
Liu, Serena (3d) Prince, Nicholas (2d)
Liu, Serena (3d) Wu, Qingyuan (3d)
Li, Yong (2k) Dou, Yichen (3k)
Li, Yong (2k) Petrescu, Adrian (2k)
Zhang, Eric (1d) Huang, En (1d)
Zhang, Eric (1d) Song, Kevin (1d)
Fan, Jun (5d) Zhu, Julie (4d)
Xu, Kevin (1d) Kim, Ted (1k)
Dou, Yichen (3k) Mennie, Matt (5k)
Jang, Bi (7d) Wu, Qiyou (7d)
Jang, Bi (7d) Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d)
Cheng, Xudong (1k) Nagarathinam, Thanushiyan (2d)
Lin, Rachel (3d) Wu, Qingyuan (3d)
Lin, Rachel (3d) Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d)
Song, Kevin (1d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Song, Kevin (1d) Chin, Sunny (2d)
Dang, William (4d) Luo, Chen (5d)
Dang, William (4d) Guo, Shen (4d)
Kim, Ted (1k) Nagarathinam, Thanushiyan (2d)
Kim, Ted (1k) Petrescu, Adrian (2k)
Chin, Sunny (2d) Zhang, Eric (1d)
Chin, Sunny (2d) Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d)