39th Canadian Open Tournament

Friday, July 01, 2016 - Sunday, July 03, 2016

Director: Joanna Liu
Location: Oakville & Mississauga
Registration Closes: Friday, July 01, 2016

39th Canadian Go Open Tournament 

The 2016 tournament will be the 39th Canadian Open. It is a three day tournament this year and will run from July 1st to July 3rd, 2016 (Friday to Sunday). 

Registration Fee: 
before Mar 31, 2016     $65 for adults  | $40 for children 
before May 31, 2016    $75 for adults   | $50 for children 
after    May 31, 2016    $85 for adults   | $60 for children 
at door                          $95 for adults   | $70 for children

View details, register and pay on http://goldenkeygoschool.weebly.com/2016-canadian-go-open-tournament.html

Please pay on the Golden Key website to qualify for the early bird discount. 

Register here for people to know you are coming!


Day 1 July 1
Pair Go Tournament

9:00 to 9:30 AM: Registration 
10:00: Pair Go round 1
12:00: Lunch
13:00: Pair Go round 2
15:00: Pair Go round 3
17:00 Award ceremony for the Pair Go 

Day 2  July 2
9:00 am Registration
9:30 am Open remarks and speeches
10:00 am Main Tournament Round 1 
1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Main Tournament Round 2
4:30 pm Main Tournament Round 3

Lighting Go 

Day 3 July 3
9:00 am Main Tournament Round 4
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm CGA Members Meeting
1:30 pm Main Tournament Round 5
4:30 pm Main Tournament Round 6

8:00 pm  Award Ceremony & Banquet


Location - Pair Go


Golden Key Cultural Center
3558 Erindale Station Road, Mississauga, ON L5C 2T1

Location - Main Tournament


Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
2302 Bridge Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 3L5


Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Wan, Minjun (5d)
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Guo, William (1d)
Huang, Andrew (6d) Yang, Tanghao (7d)
Huang, Andrew (6d) Gourdeau, Daniel (6d)
Huang, Andrew (6d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Mennie, Matt (4k) Schumer, Peter (1k)
Mennie, Matt (4k) Sim, Matt (1k)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Cui, Yuhang (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Lechasseur, Jean-Sébastien (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Zhang, Brady (7d)
Meindl, Rolf (6k) McDermott, Thomas P (6k)
Meindl, Rolf (6k) Guo, Amy (1k)
Meindl, Rolf (6k) Fu, Elwin (14k)
McDermott, Thomas P (6k) Lutellier, Thibaud (4k)
McDermott, Thomas P (6k) Sparx, Zaccary (6k)
McDermott, Thomas P (6k) Howden, Dave (4k)
Liu, Songtao (3d) Li, Lun (3d)
Liu, Songtao (3d) Zhang, Melissa (4d)
Liu, Songtao (3d) Wan, Kevin (5d)
Lu, David (6d) Liu, Songtao (3d)
Lu, David (6d) Sun, Quan (7d)
Lu, David (6d) Xie, Yuguang (5d)
Ching, Justin (5d) Zhang, Brady (7d)
Ching, Justin (5d) Yang, Yixing (4d)
Ching, Justin (5d) Gourdeau, Daniel (6d)
Bai, Tina (1d) Liu, Songtao (3d)
Bai, Tina (1d) Li, Lun (3d)
Bai, Tina (1d) Gourdeau, François (4d)
Bai, Tina (1d) Huang, Michael (4d)
Lechasseur, Jean-Sébastien (5d) Xie, Yuguang (5d)
Lechasseur, Jean-Sébastien (5d) Wan, Minjun (5d)
Lechasseur, Jean-Sébastien (5d) Zhang, Melissa (4d)
Cui, Yuhang (5d) Zhang, Melissa (4d)
Cui, Yuhang (5d) Olders, Andrew (2d)
Cui, Yuhang (5d) Gong, Yujie (6d)
Wan, Kevin (5d) Gong, Yujie (6d)
Wan, Kevin (5d) Wu, Qiyou (7d)
Wan, Kevin (5d) Ching, Justin (5d)
Gallant, Lydia (6k) Meindl, Rolf (6k)
Gallant, Lydia (6k) Zhou, Edric (12k)
Chen, Mike (4d) Olders, Andrew (2d)
Chen, Mike (4d) Ching, Justin (5d)
Chen, Mike (4d) Liu, Laywing (4d)
Gourdeau, Daniel (6d) WANG, Xiaopeng (5d)
Gourdeau, Daniel (6d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Gourdeau, Daniel (6d) Chen, Hao (6d)
Schumer, Peter (1k) Malick, Darrell (1d)
Schumer, Peter (1k) Li, Peiying (1k)
Zhang, Melissa (4d) Cao, Melissa (3d)
Zhang, Melissa (4d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Sedgwick, Alice (4k) Pasiak, Ian (13k)
Sedgwick, Alice (4k) Fu, Elwin (14k)
Sedgwick, Alice (4k) Griffith, Douglas (5k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Fu, Elwin (14k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Sedgwick, Alice (4k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Guo, Amy (1k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Guo, Amy (1k) McDermott, Thomas P (6k)
Guo, Amy (1k) Qian, Tony (5k)
Yu, Sarah (6d) Xie, Yuguang (5d)
Yu, Sarah (6d) Lu, David (6d)
Yu, Sarah (6d) Ge, Yongfei (7d)
Wan, Minjun (5d) Hinzman, Liam (3d)
Wan, Minjun (5d) Cui, Yuhang (5d)
Wan, Minjun (5d) Huang, Andrew (6d)
Liu, Yu (2k) Mennie, Matt (4k)
Liu, Yu (2k) Schumer, Peter (1k)
Liu, Yu (2k) Howden, Dave (4k)
Sparx, Zaccary (6k) Lutellier, Thibaud (4k)
Sparx, Zaccary (6k) Mennie, Matt (4k)
Sparx, Zaccary (6k) Qian, Tony (5k)
Howden, Dave (4k) Qian, Tony (5k)
Howden, Dave (4k) Guo, Amy (1k)
Howden, Dave (4k) Sparx, Zaccary (6k)
Olders, Andrew (2d) Campbell, Rob (1d)
Olders, Andrew (2d) Bai, Tina (1d)
Olders, Andrew (2d) Zhang, Alan (4d)
Hinzman, Liam (3d) Torrey, Rebecca (2d)
Hinzman, Liam (3d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Yang, Tanghao (7d) Wan, Kevin (5d)
Yang, Tanghao (7d) Sun, Quan (7d)
Yang, Tanghao (7d) Zhu, Julie (4d)
Guo, William (1d) Cao, Melissa (3d)
Guo, William (1d) Malick, Darrell (1d)
Guo, William (1d) Campbell, Rob (1d)
Campbell, Rob (1d) Hinzman, Liam (3d)
Campbell, Rob (1d) Schumer, Peter (1k)
Campbell, Rob (1d) Torrey, Rebecca (2d)
Sim, Matt (1k) Li, Peiying (1k)
Sim, Matt (1k) Sparx, Zaccary (6k)
Sim, Matt (1k) Liu, Yu (2k)
Sun, Quan (7d) Ge, Yongfei (7d)
Sun, Quan (7d) Zhang, Ao (5d)
Sun, Quan (7d) Yu, Sarah (6d)
Gong, Yujie (6d) Gourdeau, Daniel (6d)
Gong, Yujie (6d) Huang, Andrew (6d)
Gong, Yujie (6d) Sun, Quan (7d)
Chen, Hao (6d) Lu, David (6d)
Chen, Hao (6d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Chen, Hao (6d) Yu, Sarah (6d)
Chen, Hao (6d) Zhang, Melissa (4d)
Ge, Yongfei (7d) Ching, Justin (5d)
Ge, Yongfei (7d) Gong, Yujie (6d)
Ge, Yongfei (7d) WANG, Xiaopeng (5d)
Lutellier, Thibaud (4k) Sim, Matt (1k)
Lutellier, Thibaud (4k) Howden, Dave (4k)
Lutellier, Thibaud (4k) Zhou, Edric (12k)
Lutellier, Thibaud (4k) Guo, Amy (1k)
Zhang, Ao (5d) Chen, Hao (6d)
Zhang, Ao (5d) Zhu, Julie (4d)
Zhang, Ao (5d) Yu, Zhiqi (6d)
Fu, Elwin (14k) Griffith, Douglas (5k)
Fu, Elwin (14k) Wang, Cheney (10k)
Wang, Cheney (10k) Sedgwick, Alice (4k)
Wang, Cheney (10k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Wang, Cheney (10k) Zhou, Edric (12k)
Li, Lun (3d) Schumer, Peter (1k)
Li, Lun (3d) Gourdeau, François (4d)
Li, Lun (3d) Hinzman, Liam (3d)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Fu, Elwin (14k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Gallant, Lydia (6k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Meindl, Rolf (6k)
Wu, Qiyou (7d) Yu, Sarah (6d)
Wu, Qiyou (7d) Ge, Yongfei (7d)
Wu, Qiyou (7d) Yu, Zhiqi (6d)
Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d) Huang, Michael (4d)
Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d) Wan, Minjun (5d)
Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Malick, Darrell (1d) Campbell, Rob (1d)
Malick, Darrell (1d) Liu, Yu (2k)
Malick, Darrell (1d) Torrey, Rebecca (2d)
Gourdeau, François (4d) Liu, Laywing (4d)
Gourdeau, François (4d) Zhang, Ao (5d)
Gourdeau, François (4d) Lechasseur, Jean-Sébastien (5d)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Sedgwick, Alice (4k)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Wang, Cheney (10k)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Pasiak, Ian (13k)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Griffith, Douglas (5k)
Zhou, Edric (12k) Griffith, Douglas (5k)
Zhou, Edric (12k) McDermott, Thomas P (6k)
Zhou, Edric (12k) Meindl, Rolf (6k)
Cao, Melissa (3d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Cao, Melissa (3d) Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d)
Cao, Melissa (3d) Zhang, Alan (4d)
WANG, Xiaopeng (5d) Zhu, Julie (4d)
WANG, Xiaopeng (5d) Yang, Tanghao (7d)
WANG, Xiaopeng (5d) Cui, Yuhang (5d)
Xie, Yuguang (5d) Wan, Kevin (5d)
Xie, Yuguang (5d) Wu, Qiyou (7d)
Xie, Yuguang (5d) Zhang, Brady (7d)
Zhang, Alan (4d) Hinzman, Liam (3d)
Griffith, Douglas (5k) Wang, Cheney (10k)
Griffith, Douglas (5k) Sedgwick, Owen (7k)
Torrey, Rebecca (2d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Torrey, Rebecca (2d) Guo, William (1d)
Torrey, Rebecca (2d) Olders, Andrew (2d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Wu, Qiyou (7d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Bai, Tina (1d)
Zhang, Brady (7d) Yang, Yixing (4d)
Li, Peiying (1k) Mennie, Matt (4k)
Li, Peiying (1k) Liu, Yu (2k)
Li, Peiying (1k) Malick, Darrell (1d)
Zhu, Julie (4d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Zhu, Julie (4d) Huang, Andrew (6d)
Zhu, Julie (4d) Liu, Laywing (4d)
Yu, Zhiqi (6d) WANG, Xiaopeng (5d)
Yu, Zhiqi (6d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Yu, Zhiqi (6d) Yang, Tanghao (7d)
Liu, Laywing (4d) Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d)
Liu, Laywing (4d) Cao, Melissa (3d)
Liu, Laywing (4d) Lechasseur, Jean-Sébastien (5d)
Yang, Yixing (4d) Schultz Xavier da Silveira, Luís Fernando (3d)
Yang, Yixing (4d) Zhang, Ao (5d)
Yang, Yixing (4d) Yu, Zhiqi (6d)
Huang, Michael (4d) Yang, Yixing (4d)
Huang, Michael (4d) Gourdeau, François (4d)
Huang, Michael (4d) Lu, David (6d)
Huang, Michael (4d) Liu, Songtao (3d)
Qian, Tony (5k) Mennie, Matt (4k)
Qian, Tony (5k) Sim, Matt (1k)
Qian, Tony (5k) Li, Peiying (1k)