University of Toronto Go Club Open

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Director: Ke Jun Xu
Location: Toronto
Registration Closes: Sunday, March 13, 2016

This is an open tournament hosted by the University of Toronto Go Club (UTGC). This inaugural event is created in partnership between the UTGC, the Toronto Go Club, and the CGA. It will be hosted at the University of Toronto Hart House East Common Room on Mar. 13th, 2016 from 9am to 5pm. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners and various Go-related prizes will be raffled out. Please come out, enjoy playing against others at your level, watch some of the strongest players in the Greater Toronto Area, and meet new friends! Details and schedules will be emailed out to participants prior to the event.


Date: Mar 13, 2016

Time: 9AM - 5PM

Location: 7 Hart House Cir. Toronto, ON

Registration fee: Free

Prizes: Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. Go books and sets for raffle.

TTC (public transport) directions: take the subway to queen's park and walk up Queen's Park Cres. until Hart House Cir.

Parking: park on the roadside or find U of T parking garages at


Games (Winner in Bold)
Black White
Li, Ryan (8d) Wu, Qiyou (7d)
Sun, Quan (7d) Chen, Hao (6d)
Zhang, Ao (5d) Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d)
Mantle, Ben (5d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Liu, Fengyuan (3d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Guo, Shen (4d) Zuo, Chenyinxia (3d)
Huang, Zhiqi (2d) Hinzman, Liam (3d)
Song, Yexuan (1d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Nicholson, John (1d) Wong, Mark (2d)
Perez, Alexandre (7k) Liu, Yu (2k)
Sim, Matt (1k) Commanda, Jack (7k)
Burty, David (8k) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Bertrand, Steven (6k) Meindl, Rolf (7k)
Perez, Clarck (9k) Hu, Yangshuo (8k)
Wang, Cheney (10k) Eto, Hiroko (10k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Doering, Christopher (11k)
Huang, Jiayin (6k) Sedgwick, Alice (4k)
Nguyen, Viet (13k) Balcioglu, Ahmet Zahid (2k)
Stahl, Marc (16k) Tam, Curran (16k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Tan, Nicholas (24k)
Mantle, Ben (5d) Li, Ryan (8d)
Wu, Qiyou (7d) Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d)
Chen, Mike (4d) Liu, Yan (5d)
Sedgwick, James (5d) Zhao, Tony (7d)
Chen, Hao (6d) Miyagishi, Ryu (4d)
Zuo, Chenyinxia (3d) Zhang, Ao (5d)
Wong, Mark (2d) Liu, Fengyuan (3d)
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Guo, Shen (4d)
Song, Yexuan (1d) Huang, Zhiqi (2d)
Hinzman, Liam (3d) Nicholson, John (1d)
Sim, Matt (1k) Liu, Yu (2k)
Commanda, Jack (7k) Perez, Alexandre (7k)
Al-hassy, Musa (6k) Hu, Yangshuo (8k)
Meindl, Rolf (7k) Burty, David (8k)
Perez, Clarck (9k) Bertrand, Steven (6k)
Sedgwick, Owen (7k) Eto, Hiroko (10k)
Doering, Christopher (11k) Wang, Cheney (10k)
Nguyen, Viet (13k) Sedgwick, Alice (4k)
Balcioglu, Ahmet Zahid (2k) Huang, Jiayin (6k)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Stahl, Marc (16k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Tam, Curran (16k)
Li, Ryan (8d) Sun, Quan (7d)
Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d) Chen, Hao (6d)
Zhang, Ao (5d) Mantle, Ben (5d)
Chen, Mike (4d) Wu, Qiyou (7d)
Liu, Yan (5d) Liu, Fengyuan (3d)
Miyagishi, Ryu (4d) Zhao, Tony (7d)
Guo, Shen (4d) Huang, Zhiqi (2d)
Hinzman, Liam (3d) Zuo, Chenyinxia (3d)
Wong, Mark (2d) Prince, Nicholas (3d)
Nicholson, John (1d) Song, Yexuan (1d)
Commanda, Jack (7k) Liu, Yu (2k)
Meindl, Rolf (7k) Sim, Matt (1k)
Perez, Alexandre (7k) Al-hassy, Musa (6k)
Burty, David (8k) Perez, Clarck (9k)
Wang, Cheney (10k) Bertrand, Steven (6k)
Hu, Yangshuo (8k) Eto, Hiroko (10k)
Balcioglu, Ahmet Zahid (2k) Doering, Christopher (11k)
Huang, Jiayin (6k) Nguyen, Viet (13k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Stahl, Marc (16k)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Tam, Curran (16k)
Zhang, Ao (5d) Li, Ryan (8d)
Sun, Quan (7d) Sedgwick, James (5d)
Wu, Qiyou (7d) Chen, Hao (6d)
Suh, Minsung Nicholas (6d) Chen, Mike (4d)
Liu, Fengyuan (3d) Mantle, Ben (5d)
Miyagishi, Ryu (4d) Guo, Shen (4d)
Wong, Mark (2d) Hinzman, Liam (3d)
Prince, Nicholas (3d) Huang, Zhiqi (2d)
Sim, Matt (1k) Song, Yexuan (1d)
Liu, Yu (2k) Nicholson, John (1d)
Al-hassy, Musa (6k) Commanda, Jack (7k)
Perez, Alexandre (7k) Burty, David (8k)
Meindl, Rolf (7k) Perez, Clarck (9k)
Hu, Yangshuo (8k) Bertrand, Steven (6k)
Doering, Christopher (11k) Eto, Hiroko (10k)
Tam, Curran (16k) Wang, Cheney (10k)
Stahl, Marc (16k) Balcioglu, Ahmet Zahid (2k)
Pasiak, Ian (13k) Huang, Jiayin (6k)
Tan, Nicholas (24k) Nguyen, Viet (13k)