Toronto Go Club

The Toronto Go Club is a free club that meets to play Go (also known as Weiqi, Igo and Baduk).  Players of all skill levels are welcome (especially beginners). We also hold classes and provide lessons before meetings.

Currently, we meet at The 519 Community Centre.  We have a room booked:

Sundays from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

The Toronto Go Club is offering Go classes every week. The classes take place from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm before the actual go club meeting.

Classes consist of kyu and dan lessons, question and answer, and game reviews during the morning.

For more information, contact Johnny or Ben. Or just come by and play a few games!


Occasionally we have to cancel meetings because of other events in the community centre, so check out the News and Events or have a look at the calendar to be sure we're meeting. Even better, send an email to to join the mailing list.


Room: 303
519 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 2C9


James Sedgwick 5d
Ryan Li 8d
Phillip Ashby 5k
Ben Mantle 5d
Johnny Lau 15k
Minsung Nicholas Suh 6d
Yu Liu 1k
Viet Nguyen 13k
Mark Li 2d
Selly Ye 25k
Tatsuya Morita-Ahad 4k
Randy Ng 15k
Kyle Dunstall 7k
Chu He 4k
Matt Fox 25k
Sau-Ling Yu 25k
Suhkjoo Yoon 6d
Huiyi Yang 5d
Haonan Guo 4d
Julien Vong 5k
Jason Wong 25k
Stephen Zhou 4d
Ryan Liu 1d
Gordon Ma 4d
Juhyung Yoon 5d